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Hello my friends. It’s Monday and that means time to hit the dance floor. Today I am shaking it up a wee bit. I thought it would be fun to hit shuffle on my iPod and see what music popped up today. Yes I know this may get a bit scary as I have old and new music on my playlist. I also have a mix up of genre to so it will prove to be interesting to say the least.

However before I ht shuffle I wanted to say thank you to everyone who stops by weekly to hear the latest tracks I post. I also wanted to say that it is wonderful all the feed back you give me. Please feel free at any time to drop a line in the comment box with your favorite music. Seriously i love finding new and old music so please pass on the name of any song, artist or group you are into at the moment.

Music is meant to be shared and enjoyed. I for one am open to everything and anything that someone is listening to. Okay enough ranting you came her to dance and dance we shall.

Music Monday Playlist

 Katy Perry ~ Chained to The Rhythm

Dolly Parton ~ Here You Come Again

Reba ~ Does He Love you

The Weekend ~ Starboy

Let’s Talk; Who are you listening to this week? Do you have a current favorite song on your playlist?

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