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Good morning my friends and welcome to Music Monday.  As February comes to a close working out is becoming less important. All those new year resolutions about getting healthy and working out everyday are starting to become something of a memory and some people are falling back into their old routine s.

As for me I to have become slack on working out so today i wanted to shake up my playlist and get back to my afternoon walking. So come with me as we update and get our sweat on to these awesome tunes.

Monday Working Out playlist

 Bruno Mars ~ 24k Magic

Lauren Alaina ~ Road Less traveled

Alessia Cara ~ How far I’ll Go

Cher ~ The Shoop Shoop Song


Let’s Talk: What is your favorite workout song? Do you change-up your playlist often?

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  1. These are definitely some energetic tracks for working out. I like fast paced music when I’m doing cardio but any music will do when I’m doing anything with weights.

  2. This just might inspire me to finally start working out – like I was supposed to back in January! What a great selection of songs!

  3. I change my playlist up all the time. And it also depends on what kind of workout I’m doing. But I really love 24K Magic, right now! I have to be careful that I don’t start dancing in the gym when I’m listening to that!

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