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Monday Music

Hello my friends and welcome to Monday Music. Today I am introducing you to some of the new songs I have been listening to lately. If you follow me on twitter or Facebook you know I adore music. Well correction I am obsessed with it. Music is always playing either via my iPod, computer or phone. My son constantly telling me that if I’m not careful I’m going to go deaf because I listen to my music so much. I don’t believe him of course.

Any ways enough about my addiction you are here to get your boogie on right? So grab your dance shoes and a partner and let hit the dance floor. Here are a few of my favorite songs playing on my iPod this week. If you have a favorite song feel free to share. I would love hearing who you are listening to right now.


Music Monday Playlist

1. Fifth Harmony ~ Worth It

2. Charlie Puth ~ Marvin Gaye feat. Meghan Trainor

3. Kenny Rogers ~ I Can’t Unlove You

4. Descendants Cast ~ Rotten to the Core


Let’s Talk:

What songs gets you on your feet?

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