Music Monday ~ Hit The Dance Floor


Good morning and welcome to Music Monday. Today we are talking dance songs.  You know those songs that make you want to get up and move. Over the years there have been many songs I have enjoyed and songs that make me want to move and groove. I even have lots loaded onto my iPod for afternoon walks or just to play while cleaning.

For me, a song doesn’t have to come from any one genre. Nope, it just needs to be catchy and make me want to move and leaves me feeling happy.  So come one let’s hit the dance floor and shake our booty to the rhythm.

Music Monday Dance Floor playlist

 Michael Jackson ~ Smooth Criminal

Shania Twain w/ Billy Currington ~ Party For Two

Bee Gees ~ Night Fever

Adam Lambert ~ For Your Entertainment

Let’s Talk:

What songs gets you on your feet?


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  1. I love your Monday Lists! After the day I had, I need a good playlist! Michael Jackson and Adam Lambert are the perfect combo! Thanks!

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