Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney

August 25, 2011 Rebecca 18

Here are some pictures of the lego store in Downtown Disney the coolest part is all these statues are made out of legos. Even the […]


A Little Vacation

August 24, 2011 Rebecca 11

Well I uploaded all the photos I took only to realize there were about 441 photos no way to post them all so going to […]

No Picture

Home Sweet Home

August 21, 2011 Rebecca 17

Yes it’s true vacation is over and i’m heading home. Though I am sad to see the fun end i am excited to get back […]

Blizzard Beach

August 19, 2011 Rebecca 11

It’s Friday and I must Confess i am sad to see vacation winding down but i am also looking forward to getting home to my […]



August 17, 2011 Rebecca 16

Well I survived the roller coaster and the elevator drop. This could be viewed as a good thing by some and bad by others. I […]