It’s a set of high-quality blinds I have up over the bedroom windows, simply because I like to open them fully so that they can let maximum sunshine into my bedroom, but in spite of their high-quality I can still feel the sun creeping up on me each morning to signal my time to start thinking about getting out of bed.

That’s right – no setting of an alarm to wake me up and jolt me into action to start getting busy filling my day up with things I’m obliged to do. Rather, I get woken up by a combination of the sun’s rays and the growing hunger to signify that breakfast time is on the horizon, for this life I have dedicated my whole being to living is one which would have me spending my time doing things I want to do as opposed to those things I have to do!

That sounds like a real dream, doesn’t it? If only that was how it really was, but unfortunately that’s not quite how my life is at present. However, the scene described is definitely how I’d like my life to be and believe me when I say that I’m working on getting it to be that way, every single day!

My real daily routine is nothing spectacular or anything special at all…or at least not at surface-level. Dig just a little deeper and you’ll realise that actually I’m incrementally putting into place some measures which will eventually lead me to living the life I just described – my ideal life – a life which has me deciding what I want to do based on what I feel like doing.

My 9-to-5 escape plan

In some countries the typical workday is one which runs from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon, while in others it’s from nine-to-five, so we’ll just go with the nine-to-five since it has a much more recognisable ring to it. The bottom line is that my ultimate plan involves escaping this so-called rat-race, as suggested by the beautiful and blissful scene I described with regards to how I’d like to wake up each morning and slowly kick-start my day.

So, as part of my daily routine, the very first thing I start with is something which will indicatively contribute towards my escaping of the daily grind of the rat-race.

I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the fact that blogs such as this one I’m busy creating can be monetised and that is exactly one of the motivations for it, so sometimes the one thing which I dedicate my time to as the first thing to do each morning to contribute towards escaping the daily grind of the rat race is indeed crafting some valuable content for this here blog. I don’t necessarily publish a post every single morning, because I take my time to really conduct some research which will fall nothing short of making sure every single line you read here delivers some kind of value to my readers.

So hopefully one day the blog will be generating enough revenue, mostly through advertising I guess, to have me not needing to get up, jump in the shower and navigate the invariably horrible traffic to get my butt to work!

Living my best life

The rest of my day pretty much goes back to what I wrote about on the “About Me” page – truly immersing myself in everything I do so that I can get a really intense and authentic experience of it. So I go all in as far as looking after my health goes by hitting the gym or substituting a session in the gym with some other activity that contributes towards my health, I try to eat right – not necessarily always healthy food, but I balance that out with the exercise, and I generally try to get my finances sorted by attempting to stick to a budget I’ve worked out that is meant to help me achieve my ultimate goal of escaping this life of corporate servitude.

I will publish some more information through which I share my time management tips, but basically my daily routine is one which is designed around creating tangible value I can either continue benefitting from later on in my life or value which I can monetise in some or other way.