4 Creative Art Ideas To Free Your Mind

Sometimes the worst thing about being an artist is the fact that you can’t get started. We’ve all heard about writer’s block. There is an “artist’s block” as well. Maybe you feel like you’ve already done your best work. Perhaps you feel like what you do is not appreciated because your heart isn’t in it anymore. If this seems to be the case, then it’s time to find some creative art ideas to free up your brain space again.

And there are all sorts of places that you can start. Try doodling or tangling with a pen and some paper. If you have the interest, try creating detailed prototypes of ideas that you have in your imagination. For a unique and straightforward project, do some acrylic pouring to see what happens on a canvas. And, if you’re more interested in photography, go for the black-and-white version, so you have to pay attention to slightly different things than if you were in color.

Doodling and Tangling

When you are in grade school, you probably doodled all over your notebooks. As an adult, you can take this to a different level by trying to tangle. It is a slightly more structured version of doodling, but one that allows an incredible amount of freedom because there is no plan. You make one line and then another until your space is full. It’s very relaxing and a great way to reset your brain to do more detailed projects later.

Creating Detailed Prototypes

For people who are into 3D art, maybe the trick to getting back in the groove is to create detailed prototypes of any ideas that you been working on producing. Usually, this is a little bit more expensive and time-consuming than other methods of jumpstarting your creativity, but the fact that you are investing in this pathway means that you will commit to getting your creativity back into the efficient sphere of production.

Acrylic Pouring

For a simple project to get back into the swing of things, look into acrylic pouring. All you have to do is buy a few different sets of paint, get a container with holes in it, and follow the straightforward process of tipping the paint container upside down. Though this sounds very simplistic, the results that you can get are amazing, and your projects become free mobile works of art. Plus, any age group can do acrylic pours, which means you can get your entire family involved.

Black and White Photography

For photographers, there is a plateau that you reach when it comes to artistry. If you’ve ever hit this hurdle, you know how frustrating it is to try to get beyond it. If this feels like where you’re at, try taking a step back and doing black-and-white photography for a little while. This different perspective makes you focus on entirely different aspects of the photographic process and means that you will reset some of the criteria that you have for taking shots. Once you get some of this artistry settled, you can go back to doing what you are most comfortable with, and include some renewed confidence.

Zoe Kickhefer