4 easy changes you can make to start living a sustainable life with cotton bags

It can be easy to get overrun with the huge issues of climate change and damage to our natural environments. For this reason many struggle to make the changes to their lives they need to in order to have an impact. 

For those people, here are 5 easy changes you can make to your life that will have a hugely positive impact on the environment. 

  1. Start using reusable cotton bags for your shopping 

There is a reason you now have to pay a charge for supermarket bags; they cause a lot of damage to the environment and wildlife. An easy way to save both the environment and your money is to make the switch to reusable cotton bags

If you get them from a reputable manufacturer you will get a lot of uses out of them and find that they can hold a surprising amount of weight. 

Cotton bags are made from a natural material that causes minimum impact on the environment. Remember, however, that you must use your bags over 100 times for them to be ‘environmentally sustainable’. 

2. Invest in a reusable water bottle 

We all get told that we need to drink more water and this often leads to us buying a lot of plastic water bottles with our meal deals. While this is a healthier choice than a carbonated high sugar drink they are still bad the environment. Many shops now offer a free water station that you can refill at with your meal deal. Find a good reusable water bottle and you will save plenty of money in the future. 

3. Use cotton produce bags for your fruit and vegetables 

One of the main culprits of the packaging crisis is the fruit and veg aisle of supermarkets. As many supermarkets now offer veg weighing stations now is the perfect time to make the switch to cotton produce bags. Finding lightweight options will help you cut back on the plastics in your shopping and cut down on the amount of recycling you have to get through. Couple your new cotton bags with locally sourced produce and you will be well on your way to reducing your carbon footprint. 

4. Find new uses for old cardboard boxes

The old mantra is reduce reuse recycle, And reusing is often billed as one of the best ways to reduce the carbon footprint of a particular item. As more of our household goods are purchased through online delivery services we are now inundated with cardboard boxes. If you have packages to sell yourself why not reuse them to save some money.  

It is all well and good saying you are going to use cotton bags to pack your groceries and reusable water bottles to save on plastics. Yet if your product dies after the first few uses it is no better than a single-use item. To make sure you do not fall into this trap make sure you go through a reputable item for all of your reusable purchases.

Zoe Kickhefer