The food scene in El Paso often gets overlooked, mainly because out-of-towners tend to view this western border town as a place to pass through and not a worthy destination in its own right. You can taste the intermingling of Mexican and American cultures practically anywhere you eat, the results of which are usually incredibly tasty. From authentic southern steakhouses and Tex Mex joints to inventive new restaurants, get a taste of what this border town has to offer with these 4 great restaurants: 

  1. Cattleman’s Steakhouse

This renowned cowboy-style chophouse is known for its succulent steaks, which are procured and prepared the traditional Texas way by experienced local Rancheros.

  1. L & J

L & J Cafe has been serving tasty Mexican food and margaritas to hungry El Pasoans for over four generations. Fast service, friendly faces, and fantastic food that puts all other Tex Mex to shame.

  1. Rosco’s Burger Inn

Rosco’s Burger Inn is arguably one of the best burger joints in all of Texas. The inside of the restaurant looks just like your classic mid-century diner, with a stainless steel counter and ancient checker-tiled floor. 

  1. Julio’s Cafe Corona

On the menu, you can find plenty of old-school home-style Mexican recipes like Filete Tampiquena and savory Salpicon, along with a vast array of Spanish, International, and fresh seafood selections. 

El Paso has a large Mexican influence and is rich in history. From its humble beginnings as a mountain pass trading center, to becoming a frontier boomtown in the Wild West. El Paso also played a role in the Mexican Revolution. The Downtown Historic District is filled with beautiful architecture and plenty of stories. In fact, El Paso High School is considered one of the most haunted high schools in America!

If you want to take a gander at what El Paso City looks from the most romantic places in the city, then this is the place for you. Scenic Drive is one of the most popular spots in El Paso; the peaceful drive up there also reveals a picture perfect location for any level of photographer too.

Another positive that attracts many families to El Paso is the low cost of living. El Paso real estate is quite affordable compared to other Southwest cities, and residents can enjoy comfortable living without having to shell out an exorbitant amount of money. El Paso homes often have unique architecture that reflects different influences, like Spanish and Mediterranean-style homes.

Zoe Kickhefer