4 situations where a custom paper bag could make a great impression

Whilst custom paper bags can make good marketing materials, some feel like their usefulness is limited as they often deteriorate over time and the market has become quite saturated with them over time. We do not follow this line of thinking; we believe a good custom paper bag can still be a great addition for a variety of different situations. Here we show you some of the uses you could get out of a custom paper bag to ensure you get the best value for money.

  • As a part of a welcome gift to a new employee

Starting at a new company can be a daunting experience so making sure they feel as comfortable as possible is crucial to ensure it is a frictionless transition. A welcome gift in the form of chocolate (always a winner) and a personalised custom paper bag will help to make the new employee feel welcome and a part of the team.

  • To package a Christmas present for clients and customers

Christmas is a time of year when people reflect, and many businesses do not take advantage of the reflective mood some clients may be in. A custom paper bag tailored with a specific message to each client could be a great way to keep your working relationship at the forefront of their mind in the new year. As always, make sure you buy a high-quality custom paper bag to get that quality across to your client.

  • To commemorate a certain business event or occasion

Every now and then will come up an occasion that is important to your business, and no matter what it is you will probably want to commemorate it in some way. A custom paper bags with a specific design and flare could help to spread awareness of the event and gives those who attend it something to take away and remember the day by.

  • As part of a reward for long term employees

Finding the right gift for long term employees can be a challenge, and whilst you may want to get them something more substantial for the main gift a custom paper bag could be a good secondary option. You could include personalised touches such as names and favourite items to add to the special feeling of the bag. Keep in mind that this is not a very economical option as you will probably be ordering a small quantity of bags.

Order the best quality custom paper bag for any occasion 

If you do decide to make a custom paper bag to commemorate certain occasions, you need to pay attention to the quality of your bag to ensure it stands the test of time. If you order a poor-quality custom paper bag and it tears it could put a dampener on the occasion. Make sure you invest in quality paper bags, so they have the best possible impact.

Zoe Kickhefer