They’re up to 60 years old and some are still in use, but antiques in the home aren’t going away anytime soon. According to the American Antique Dealers Association (AADA), the market value of antiques is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. The reasons? With renovations, curating a space and antiquing the home are becoming increasingly popular.

Home designs with open floor plans, spa bathrooms, and vertical gardens are generating a lot of buzz in the design and decor world, according to the research firm Benzinga earlier this year. As home remodeling becomes more popular, more people seem to want to add antique large windows to their homes while decorating them with classic Plantation Shutters because their flaps are easily adjustable, and the amount of light that comes through is easily controlled.

AADA research shows that antiques represent less than 2 percent of the current residential market in the U.S., but they’re expected to grow significantly in value. According to AADA, the top five design trends in homes include traditional antiques, flow rooms, mix-and-match antiques, furniture made with concrete and geometric patterns. According to HomeFitnessMagazine, about 15 million people decorate and maintain their homes annually, and they’re likely going to be more inclined to spend more money on antiques as they renovate their homes.

Antique Designs Can Give a Unique Look to Small Spaces

Determining what type of antiques would be appropriate for a home is not as important as knowing what works for you. Whether you want to make your space look authentic or have furniture you love in your home, antiques can help with both. You could also find antiques easily and for a lesser price at sales. These may not always be in the best condition, but you could always hire a contents restoration service to bring them back up to their old glory.

Antique Design Expert Justine Mayer is a designer and teacher at The School of Antique Design in Scottsdale, Arizona. She works with homeowners to redesign their homes and give them an antique look. According to Mayer, antiques give a small space a sense of authenticity and authenticity is the most important thing when designing a space. Antiques give you a connection to a place and time that’s important in creating a well-designed home.

“In the end, you’re not designing a space, you’re designing a home. And the design of your home shouldn’t reflect the material you spend most of your time in. So if you’re spending most of your time in a marble living room, the materials of the home should reflect that. Antiques make you feel connected to the past, but they also make you feel connected to the present. And that’s the trick to finding the balance,” says Mayer. Several homeowners agree with Mayer, which is why they often look for firms similar to Rock Solid Custom Granite (designers of custom cabinets in Denver) to get some antique-designed cabinets made for their home.

Antique Designed Kitchen Cabinets

Who does not like antique/ vintage cabinets? There is nobody who would have the guts to say that they do not like the aesthetics of such fixtures. Hence, it would not be unjust to say that Antique off white cabinets are all over the place today, from popular accessories to even home improvement projects. A red hot trend right now is mixing modern and antique styles to give a space a funky, vintage vibe.

Millennials are gravitating toward midcentury modern style. Midcentury modern design was popular in the 1970s and you’re likely to see it more in the home now as millennials search for homes. This is a big trend for the furniture and home décor industry as millennials are inspired by classic trends making a comeback.

Zoe Kickhefer