Our conservatories have served us well this year. They’ve kept us snug in winter, and dry through the rainy spring months. 

But as summer approaches, wouldn’t it be great to have a new, fresh space to relax in to complement our gardens in the warmer weather? Isn’t it time to reinvigorate your conservatory?

Conservatories provide an excellent link between indoors and out. They are an ideal middle ground for when things get just a little too chilly to sit in the garden, but still allow you to enjoy what sunshine there is and whatever views you have.

On the flipside, with suitable ventilation, blinds and perhaps a fan, they can provide a cool retreat from the heat of the day that doesn’t feel like giving up on the sunshine completely.

When kitted out appropriately, conservatories provide an excellent option for entertaining late into the evening, retaining the warmth of the day long after the evening cool has taken over outside.

Similarly, if you want a warmer, brighter alternative to your living room, a conservatory is a great place to put a couple of comfy sofas to spread out and relax on all summer long.

Here are some great ideas for giving your conservatory a revamp this summer.

Furniture makes the room

Furniture is the most important part of any room in your house. In your bedrooms, the centre piece is the bed, in the living room the sofa, in the dining room the dining table and so on. 

The great thing about choosing furniture for a conservatory is that you have so much freedom to kit it out according to how you would most like to use it. If you want it as a comfy hangout spot then you can stick a sofa or two in there, if it’s the sort of space you want to use when family and friends are round, a few armchairs and a coffee table.

Another thing to consider is choosing furniture that works equally well in your conservatory and your garden. Lightweight wicker chairs and tables are ideal for this because they are easy to move from place to place. It gives you the option to choose where you want to sit, indoors or out, depending on the weather or what takes your fancy.

Blinds serve more than one purpose

Investing in good quality blinds for your conservatory is well worth the money for several reasons. One is something we’ve already mentioned – helping to regulate the temperature. In direct sunlight in the height of summer, a conservatory can easily become unbearably hot, which means it’s just a wasted space no one really wants to sit in. 

Made-to-measure blinds with solar protection can be used to take the edge off and keep your conservatory at a pleasant temperature even on the warmest days. It’s not like you have to block out the sun – different blinds can be opened and closed depending on where the sun is in the sky.

Blinds are also great for adding a little privacy to your conservatory. Because they are all glass, one of the drawbacks of a conservatory is that you feel quite conspicuous when sat in one. With blinds fitted all around, you can simply close them when you want a little downtime to yourself.

Finally, blinds are also a great way to transform the look and feel of your conservatory in one fell swoop. Because they take up so much of the wall space, the choice of style and colours will make your conservatory feel like a new space as soon as they are put up.

Plants make a huge difference

Finally, conservatories are the ideal place to put house plants. Warm, humid and with plenty of sunlight, you will be able to grow even semi-tropical plants all year round.

Plants create a unique atmosphere of their own – it only takes a handful to give your conservatory a truly exotic hothouse feel. There’s also the fact that you can choose combinations of pots and hanging baskets to suit your tastes, adding a whole new dimension to your decor.

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Zoe Kickhefer