A staple packaging item for many businesses are white paper bags, they are great for a blank canvas but sometimes you might want to jazz them up with some different forms of decoration to help them stand out.

Being such a blank canvas there is no real limit to the decorations that you can add to white paper bags. Below are a list of easy ways that you can add exciting elements to your plain packaging.


A really quick and easy way to spice up a white paper bag is to add a stamp, stamps are readily available on the internet and there are some businesses online where you can get custom stamps. These are not super expensive so can accommodate a range of budgets. If the bag is for commercial use then a stamp with your company logo could work to help promote your brand.


Using stickers from StickerYou or other similar companies could be a good way to decorate plain white paper bags. It could be for decorative or branding purposes and even be customised for specific messages. Stickers are a quick way to make white paper bags seasonal for your recipients e.g snowflakes can be added in winter or leaves in spring. There are even eco-friendly stickers on the market at the moment to help reduce the use of single use plastics.


A name tag attached to bag handles adds a nice little personal touch, a message can be written if the bag is being used to carry a gift likewise for commercial reasons a thank you note from your business can help to build customer relationships. These can also be easily removed so that the bag can be returned to its original blank canvas state inorder for it to be reused.

Colourful/branded tissue paper

Another way to enhance the aesthetics of a white paper bag is to use colourful or printed tissue paper inside. The pop of colour or print can really liven up a plain white bag and increase the quality appeal of the bag. Due to the actual bag being left untouched this is also an environmentally friendly idea as it is more likely that the bag can be used again. 


A key defining feature of any paper bag is the handles, these can be used to significantly enhance the appearance of a bag. Whether it involves removing and replacing the handles or adding to the existing ones there are various materials that can be used. Premium options involve using either rope-like or ribbon handles, these can help to add a luxurious feel to the paper and increase the feel of quality being presented.  This could also be a cost effective option as adding your own luxury handles would be considerably cheaper than buying bags with them already attached.


Aside from being used for handles, ribbons can also be incorporated into decoration in other ways. Ribbons can be used to neaten or reinforce the edges of a bag, having a practical as well as aesthetic use. Similarly a ribbon tied into a bow, attached to a white paper bag gives the impression of a gift making them ideal for birthdays or Christmas items.

Although a basic design, white paper bags really have potential to be made into high quality and stand out features. As discussed, there are lots of different ways to get creative without spending lots of money.

Zoe Kickhefer