Franklin Engineering: Signals you need to go to diesel engine reconditioners

Neglecting to maintain your diesel engine will only result in it having a short life and you needing to spend large amounts of money on a new engine. So, it’s worth learning a thing or two about looking after your engine. It’s small warning signs that something is faulty which leads to larger issues and the need for an entire engine replacement. Here, we will look into clear signals you will need to head to your local diesel engine reconditioners before small problems become irreversible.

Blue exhaust smoke

Blue smoke will start to disseminate from your vehicle’s exhaust pipe when the engine begins to burn its oil. Cylinders that have worn down, oil leaking or the oil chamber holding too much oil are all reasons for the blue tinted smoke. These all call for a trip to your diesel engine reconditioners to fix the problem.

Vehicle taking a long time to start

If your vehicle is having difficulty starting, there is a clear issue with your engine – the exact part which triggers the power for your vehicle to start. In a diesel engine, the compression system sparks this power so your engine reconditioners will therefore do a compression system test to resolve your issues. If you happen to know the basics like working with Cummins Solenoids, for example, you can get the issue fixed by yourself. Those solenoids tend to generate a linear electrical magnetic field which can help close and open the internal circuits and you can then monitor the mechanical circuits and resolve the issue by yourself. However, if you do not have experience dealing with these kinds of tasks, it is better to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop.

Vehicle dying 

When your vehicle dies, it will naturally give red flags and encourage you to take it to a mechanics. While some people may carry on usually in the scenario they can restart with ease. However, it will likely occur again and ignoring this the first time can lead to dangerous scenarios where you break down on busy roads. When it comes to your diesel engine, the breakdown is likely due to problems with your turbocharger which is often triggered from worn clamps or pumps, or a leak. If this is the case, black exhaust smoke is a derivative sign. 

Piston ring signals 

Piston rings’ purpose is to stop oil leaking into the combustion chamber and making sure there is compression. Oil leaks and needing to refill engine oil more frequently are both clear signals that the piston ring is failing to do its job as the oil leaks into the combustion chamber and pressure is put on the crankcase, directly affecting the engine seals. 

Piston ring replacement at your diesel engine reconditioners is also required when accelerating needs more power behind it. If you need to press down harder to speed up, and you notice a difference in this pressure, yes, there is something faulty with the engine and more specifically, the piston rings. When there are errors with the piston rings, more pressure is put on the combustion chamber which then prevents the piston from compressing the fuel and air mixture, causing the engine to create less power.

If ever in doubt, give your local diesel engine reconditioners a call. When it comes to your engine, it’s recommended that you go for the closest engine reconditioners geographically. Simply search your location and the keywords and the Google Maps results will appear. For instance, “diesel engine reconditioners auckland nz

Zoe Kickhefer