Inflatable Paddle Boards: The practical choice for water sport enthusiasts

Water sports have become increasingly popular over recent years, and Covid only increased that. Getting a short period of solitude on the water after being cooped up inside for many months kept many people sane as the pandemic stretched on.

For those that are considering getting on the water, there are many options out there. Sailing, kayaking and canoeing are all options, but paddling with an inflatable paddle board could be a practical choice for you.There are plenty of reasons why we think this, and here we will explain them.

Storage and Transport

The first major advantage an inflatable paddle board has over other pieces of water sports equipment is when it comes to storage and transport. When deflated and packed away in its case, an inflatable paddle board can easily be stored in a garage and then packed into a car when you are going out on a day trip paddling; whereas a proper canoe or sailing boat can be extremely prohibitive. This practicality when it comes to transport goes beyond being able to fit into a car, it allows you to check it in as conventional flight luggage if you are planning to go paddling on a grand trip abroad!


Due to the extra buoyancy and lighter profile that an inflatable paddle board provides, many people find it more stable than a rigid paddle board. This is greatly appreciated by beginners or those who generally struggle with balancing on the water as they can get to grips with the basics pretty quickly.

Kinder to your knees

No matter how much more stability an inflatable paddle board may grant you in all water sports at some point you will fall over. Whether you are moving around a lot like in sailing, or if you are reasonably stationary like when on a canoe, at some point you will fall over due to being on the water. When you do inevitably fall over, falling over onto an inflatable paddle board is a gentler experience to a rigid paddle board, or onto the surface of a sailing boat.  


Fibreglass is hardly flimsy, but inflatable equipment in many cases is more reliable when paddling on rivers and rocky shores because they are less likely to get scratched or stuck.They are tougher than they appear, just because they are inflatable doesn’t mean that they will pop like a balloon.

Suitable for both you and your four legged friend

People who have furry friends often don’t like leaving them alone. Inflatable paddle boards allow you to do exactly that. With a little training, a dog can learn to lie on the inflatable board, and remain stable as you paddle along the water.

Hopefully this will help you if you are considering what water sport you should be buying equipment for, and have informed you about the wonders of inflatable paddle boards and everything they have to offer.

Zoe Kickhefer