With schools about to reopen in March, those of us who have had 60% of our time dedicated to home schooling of our youngsters are going to feel a lot of time suddenly free as we have no doubt worked around a schedule within the home.

Now that Spring is upon us, this free time can be the perfect opportunity to start clearing out junk, checking for any exterior damage that could’ve arisen during the winter months, touching up the appearance, changing old doors and windows (thank god for locksmiths) and changing some of those old Winter items that caused us frustration.

Sound like a lot? Don’t worry. Here are some simple little tips to help you use that time with some Spring touch-ups around the home.

Scoop it Up and Chuck it Out

At the end of the winter months we tend to have a lot of stuff stored away that serves no purpose. Be it leftover boxes from Christmas that wouldn’t fit in the bin and have been stored in cupboards or those games you pulled out from the loft to keep the kids entertained.

After we have sifted through them to keep the things we will use again, there tends to be a lot that we won’t. This is where that trip to the recycling centre or tip is called into action. Whilst the kids are back at school, take the time to go through their room and get rid of those old broken toys that are stashed in all corners. A child is always happy to come home to a clean room and never notice when the broken unused toys are absent.

Find Options to Reduce Cleaning

Naturally with your time feeling a bit more free you don’t want to fill it up with even more workload where it can be spared.

Constantly cleaning and vacuuming carpets in every room every day can get monotonous and tiring, but you could use this time to implement an easier option in Karndean click vinyl flooring throughout the house. Whilst many may want real hardwood floors in their home they can be a real pain to clean, so we would recommend the vinyl flooring option that can not only perfectly replicate the look but it is a fantastically easy floor to clean within minutes with just a quick brush and mop. However, if vinyl flooring does not really interest you and you are determined to use carpets, then keep in mind to clean them at regular intervals. Yes, the task may sometimes seem overwhelming. But you can overcome this problem by getting in touch with a professional like the one who can be found at Upper Chesapeake Chem-Dry –providers of carpet cleaning in Harford County.

Check For Any Exterior Damage

While many people focus on the interior of their home, they must remember that the outside of their home is just as important. In fact, it is the first thing that visitors see when they arrive at your house, so you need to make sure that it is in perfect condition.

During the winter months, it is very likely that your pride and joy will have been subjected to harsh weather, including snow, hail, and intense storms. Because of this, there is every possibility that your home has suffered some damage, especially to the roof. And just as you would hire a specialist Roof leakage repair Singapore company when you notice a leak, you should take the time to get in touch with professionals if you find any issues with your roof or other areas of the exterior.

Doing this as soon as you can will allow you to get your home in perfect condition as we move into the calmer seasons.

Packing Away Those Winter Woolies

Take a good look at your wardrobes and especially that coat rack in the hallway.

Is there an abundance of clothes and boots that are there no longer seasonally useful to you and your family? Well it would be time to box them away for another year, or if you believe that when the time comes around again you will be buying new ones, it’s time to get shut of them completely.

When it comes to free time the first steps to starting to enjoy your home again are the simple steps towards revamping it for the season change. Through merciless tossing out of junk and unwanted items, the reduction of carpet cleaning through something like Karndean Michelangelo collection and the simple bagging up of cluttering clothing and footwear, you will begin to breathe fresher air and opportunity within the home and find new time to relax.

Zoe Kickhefer