Take The Road Less Traveled: U.S. Destinations Off The Beaten Path

You may be aching for a good road trip, whether traveling solo or as part of a group, but the crowds aren’t really part of the dream.  Traveling to the areas where tourism runs hot has its merit, but there’s value in a road trip to a destination that’s a little off the beaten path.  

The chance to enjoy your experience in the midst of a peaceful environment is priceless.  You simply need to choose your route. Here is a brief look at some of the best travel destinations in the U.S. that won’t be overcrowded with tourists.  

Visit the Texas Hill Country

You don’t naturally think of wine country when you think of Texas, but the state has eight different regions which are officially used for growing vineyards.  The Texas Hill Country presents some unreal images of sprawling vineyards and gorgeous sunsets.

Texas Hill Country also sits outside of yet another Texan gem, San Antonio.  This is one place where you can literally shop until you drop, but don’t really injure yourself while visiting San Antonio.  Take the time to have fun and relax.  

Apostle Islands in Wisconsin

Floating in the waters of the Great Lake Superior, the Apostle Islands of Wisconsin consist of over 20 small islands.  The Apostle Islands are tropical in nature, as some would imagine.

The islands sit on fresh waters, and the lands are filled with lush forests, awesome caves, and a string of picture perfect lighthouses.  If you visit during the winter, you’ll see mass displays of glittering icicles hanging from the native sandstone cliffs.

Garden of the Gods in Colorado

You’ve likely heard of the red rocks in Colorado, and the Garden of the Gods is where the breathtaking red rocks meet luscious green forests.  The place is a biological melting pot and perfect for any nature-loving traveler.  

The Garden of the Gods was owned by a man named Charles Perkins, who made it his dying wish to keep the park open to the public forever.  It is free of charge to visit the area, and Denver is just down the road.

Assateague Island shores in Virginia/Maryland

Assateague Island is the stuff that dreams are truly made of.  Sitting on a barrier island between Maryland and Virginia, Assateague Island is famous for its wild horses.  Nicholas Sparks made it even more well-known by writing a romance novel featuring the beauty of the place.

The locals believe that the horses are a product of a colonial shipwreck, but there’s no real evidence to back up the folklore.  You can enjoy the water while you visit, and go kayaking or swimming.  

Chill out in Asheville, North Carolina

If you really want to get some of the flavor of the South, check out Asheville, North Carolina.  It’s a culturally rich town that sits just off the radar for most travelers. In 2016, Ashville even got the number one slot in top places to visit in the U.S. by Lonely Planet.

Zoe Kickhefer