If you are looking for help to complete your geometry homework, I came across a list of apps that can help you learn and guide you through the subject.

10 best apps for learning geometry

As I was reading through it, I found some very interesting apps which I hope to elaborate on and explain how you could pick one that suits your requirements.

Initially Choose Apps That Are Designed for Beginners

As a branch of mathematics, many students have mixed reactions with geometry. Though you not specifically find the topics interesting, there are beginner apps that can help you get started and truly understand different aspects of it.

If you are a complete beginner to the studies of shapes, angles, and figures, you could consider installing apps that provide a basic understanding of the various concepts involved. For instance, Geometry Preps has a set of flashcards that make it easier for students to learn different topics within the discipline.

Understanding each topic one step at a time is a great way to go about learning Geometry. These flashcards are a great way to capture the concepts in a more concise and effective manner. Should you choose a more advanced detail guide, you are likely to be overwhelmed.

Basic geometry can be best learned through visuals. Make sure you look for geometry apps that are laid out in a manner that is very easy to grasp.

Look for Freeware & Save Money for Your Favorite Hobby

Given the emphasis placed by most schools on geometry, it is likely that it will have a great impact on the school grades. However, sometimes, it may be above your budget to invest in textbooks. One of the best to save up on them would be to look for free geometry apps that guide your way through the subject.

Though they may lack the more advanced topics, it definitely is a great place to start. The information that you gain from these apps may last much longer and more updated compared to those that you find in textbooks. Should you require guidance on more advanced topics, you could consider upgrading to a paid app which would still be considerably cheaper.

Additionally, you could consider using apps such as Angler which eliminates the need for you to invest in a geometric calculator. By simply scanning your problem, you could easily receive step by step solutions.

Become a Master in the Topic By Using More Advanced Tools

Once you gained familiarity in the topic and have mastered the different aspects of geometry, you could move onto more advanced apps that have a ton of resources to help you. You could also take advantage of the free apps such as All Geometry Formulas to guide you through various formula and let you undertake more complex problems.

Most apps provide an interactive learning platform within the app and this could especially useful for visual subjects such as geometry. The use of vivid animations and graphics are great ways to make the subject more engaging and interesting.

Should you decide to major in mathematics, you’d need to gain a thorough knowledge of the branches of geometry. Angles, planes and spheres should be at your fingertips. A good grasp on the use of geometric calculators can go a long way too. Furthermore, with more lateral topics coming into the picture such as trigonometry, you could try using an app that takes you through this process as smoothly as possible.


Despite many students trying to stay away from this subject, there are many interesting real-world applications to geometry and can, therefore, be very useful especially should you decide to pursue higher studies in the mathematics field. These apps should hopefully provide you with the foundation you need.

Zoe Kickhefer