The new year is fast approaching and most of us would want a fresh new start to a new year. In this period of time, extravaganza sales will be around the corner and most people will be busy stocking up on some cheap fashionable clothes to give their wardrobe a revamp. Regardless of whether you buy goth outfits by Midnight Hour, or you decide to look for the latest fashion statements that your favorite celebrity is wearing by shopping on the high street, one thing is for sure and that is that people will be hitting the sales.

Shoppers can get so attracted to insane discounts and bulk buy for themselves. Nevertheless, we tend to get over the top and overbuy unnecessary items.. Instead of getting caught up in this overspending craze, what are the wardrobe essentials that are investment worthy? Don’t get us wrong, we totally encourage you getting plenty of new clothes to wear, but let’s discuss how you can invest in pieces that won’t go out of fashion 6 months down the line!

Here are a few important clothes that you can match with any fashion choice of yours:

1. Plain Colored T-Shirts
With a variety of brands that sell such T-shirts in the market, you can never go wrong wearing them matching with any bottoms or additional garments. Presentable and simple, T-shirts usually come in a variety of colours. It is made up of soft and seamless fabric which makes it easy to wash and dry, helps save all the hassle when you do your laundry. However, despite the convenient use, the colour can worn out after a lot of washes. Durability wise may not be sustainable, but it is cost-friendly and a must-have in any occasion.

2. Blazers
This outfit is a great way to enhance your image in very serious events, especially business casual occasions. Not only the fabric is visually attractive, it basically can go with any profession in the market. White tees and jeans, to office work outfit and outlook enhancement, blazers are a must have in your wardrobe for the new year. It could bring you up the career ladder in 2019.

3. Tweed Suit
Regardless of whether you need an outfit for your wedding day, a special occasion, or for your professional life, a tweed suit is definitely something that you need to invest in now! They’ve been around for centuries, and while they have always been popular, the rise in dramas such as Peaky Blinders has made them much more fashionable than ever before. In fact, even celebrities have been swept away by this trend, making them perfect for any event. And don’t forget that its warm fabric can also keep you comfortable in cooler temperatures too, which is ideal during the winter months when you are likely to want to dress to the nines.

4. Jeans
Investing in jeans is one of the cost-savvy decisions ever as it does not require any much washing after the first wear. And of course, jeans do come with different cuttings. Invest a little on different brands for a different look that can give you an uplift on your shape. High quality denim jeans are definitely the best investment that can last you for a decade of flawlessness and sexiness.

5. Slippers
Slippers are the most common shoes worn among society. You can wear them to shopping malls, beaches, and any other casual outing. Cost wise is very affordable and cheap in price. However, the lasting period can be pretty short as there is a difference between good quality slippers and bad quality ones. Yet, it is definitely a must have to prep for any heel’s emergency or a short casual getaway.

6. Tights
During the cold windy months, tights are useful clothing to have to keep your legs warm and cozy. They are similar to t-shirts, can be matched with any fashion combination. You can never go wrong with tights. Easy to wash and keep, stock up some when the winter season approaches. The annoying part is they are easily ripped if you are not careful. Thus, investing in some extras can bring you benefit.

Zoe Kickhefer