Paper bags should be a staple packaging product for your business, aside from the obvious environmental benefits to choosing them over plastic alternatives they are also very easy to customise and design according to your business and branding. What elements of a paper bag can you use to portray your business?


One of the most defining features of paper bags is the handles. These are unsurprisingly one of the key ways that they can be customised, there are a number of different options when it comes to paper bag handles. When choosing a handle for your paper bag it is important to remember the type of message that you want to convey. For example, if you have a luxury brand then handles using materials like ribbon or rope will help to reinforce this message. Likewise if your business brand presents a more rustic feel then opting for folded paper handles or twisted paper handles for your paper bags will be more appropriate.


For the main body of your paper bag, there are endless colours that you can choose. Some paper bag providers will be able match the colour of your paper bag directly to your brand so that you have complete brand consistency between your promotional materials. The overall colour of your paper bag can help to add an eye-catching element, so when customers are carrying your bags, it stands out to potential customers who may see them out and about.


Paper bags are a great choice as they are also very easy to print on. This means that you can easily have company logos and messaging printed on them in whatever way you like. Many manufacturers have printing facilities that allow you to upload a design which can then be printed directly onto the paper bags meaning there is no lengthy and expensive design process.

Paper type

Although paper initially doesn’t sound like the most exciting material on the market there are actually a number of different options available. The thickness of your paper bag, similarly to the type of handle that you choose is going to have an effect on the way that people view your brand. Opting for a thinner and more lightweight paper bag is fine as long as the products that you are selling are lightweight themselves. If you sell products which tend to be heavier in weight then you will need to look into sturdier and thicker options as a broken bag and damaged contents isn’t going to result in a very happy customer. Similarly if you want to go for an extra robust paper bag, they can be coated to give a matte or gloss finish. Just remember to check that the coating doesn’t affect the recycling or disposal of the bag.

Choosing paper bags for your business gives you a wealth of ways to customise them and promote your business and brand in the most suitable way.

Zoe Kickhefer