WGSN Says These Are the New Interior Design Colors for Remodeling in 2022

The global trend forecasting company called Worth Global Style Network, more known as WGSN, has given its trend predictions for 2022. As interior design has geared towards more natural spaces indoors over the years, popular color options have also shifted to more greenery and natural hues.

WGSN predicts that more interior designs focusing on healthy spaces and holistic patterns will begin to rise. This means that homes or offices with rattan, wood, or leather are more likely to be a favorite of many. Natural materials that can mimic the environment are the look that 2022 will be going for as what WGSN sees. Modern offices are very much geared towards looking appealing and pleasant for workers so they feel comfortable and productive in their environment. Not only are colors important but the lighting is too, that is why companies such as CDM2 Lightworks, for example, are used to create a certain look that encapsulates what the workplace is about.

Are you planning on a home remodel project? If you are into a more natural feel for your living or working space, then one of the first things you should consider would be what color of paint to use for the interior? What trendy colors for this year would suit your home or office best? Find out more below.

Why Do Interior Decoration Colors Matter?

The place where you stay or work can be an extension of yourself or what you want to surround yourself with. Rooms have become more than just places where you stay for a short while since the pandemic started. More and more people are working at home and staying at home, which is why renovations have become common. People are remodeling their basements with the help of professionals similar to this general contractor atlanta, in order to turn the space into a rec room or a home office. Further, by professionally renovating their home, they also increase its value.

One of the biggest challenges for people who want to remodel their interior decor nowadays is the style to go for. You don’t have to worry since, as mentioned above, we have a list of popular hues that WGSN sees will dominate 2022 and even 2023.

Sage Green

This color is all about embracing a nature-inspired color palette. It’s a shade that depicts calmness and is very soothing to the eyes. Sage green is the shade you find in between greige and mint.

What makes this color a favorite for 2022 interior decor color trends is how versatile it is. Sage green looks great on any room inside of a house or office. You won’t have any problems in changing room colors and matching them because of how subtle sage green is.

What’s the Best Way to Use Sage Green?

The color is very natural and soft-looking, which is why you would want to pair it with whites, grays, and greiges. Since the trend is leaning more towards the natural environment, sage green gives you the feeling of being closer to nature.

This is a wonderful color for those who want natural greenery in the room in case they can’t add plants inside. This color is also very calming and brings the spirit of the outdoors right inside your home or office.

Matcha Latte

This is another color under the green shade but has a brighter emerald hue. It’s an energetic color that can give life and brightness to any room. If you like spaces that can give you the feel of forest in spring, then this is the color to go for.

Dusty Blue

Dusty blue is another great color to enter the 2022 interior design color trend. Even before, the color blue was already popular for many homes and offices. It’s because blue is also another versatile color that could work with any room.

This color has a very muted and textural look to it. It’s very timeless and can fit well with any color of your draperies, accent walls, decorative pillows, furniture, and so on. Blue is always a safe option for those who want an attractive-looking color on their walls that they won’t get tired of looking at.

Goodnight Moon

This is another color under the shade of blue. Unlike dusty blue, Goodnight Moon is closer to a darker blue shade such as midnight blue. The general tone of this color is to mimic the wide moonlit sky. It is a very popular choice for modern bedrooms as it gives off a very cool and refreshing look.

Digital Lavender

Digital lavender is a color that is rising quickly on the interior design color trend. It’s a fairly new color inspiration that has been making waves recently. It’s called digital lavender because of how popular the color is in digital media.

This color has a light shade of violet that conveys two different moods. These moods are calm and cheerful. Both of which could look like contrasting feelings but perfectly suits the shade that digital lavender is in. The color has a good and friendly effect which makes it perfect for any room you want to welcome guests in.

Why Digital Lavender Is a Hot Commodity Right Now

With the happenings in recent months, it’s no surprise that people are looking for a more positive-looking environment. A lot of people have been stuck in their own private spaces and are looking for a more relaxing and happy environment at home. Digital lavender fits those needs on top of being a new and unique color to have for any interior space.

Clare’s on Point

This is an off-white color that has either a warm or cool effect on the room. How does this happen? The color can give off different moods depending on the lighting conditions that you have. The main effect of this shade is to give warm and neutral colors to your living space.

Will Hiring Home Remodeling Contractors Give You More Advantages?

If you want to update your interior dcor but don’t have the time, hiring specialists from a company like Ware Design Build – https://waredesignbuild.com/services/ – for home remodeling services may be your best option. One of the finest things to do is to ask someone who has previously employed contractors. They can provide you with a wealth of information on how to select the finest home renovation contractors for your project and budget.

Things like choosing the colors and the materials to use can take so much time. But when you hire home remodel companies, they can help you decide what to use. You can talk with professionals who have the right skills and knowledge about interior decor.

The main purpose of having home remodelers help you is to help interpret complicated plans for you. They can assist you with creating a professional plan for your interior design project. They could also help you with connections and resources to achieve certain goals of your renovation project.

Zoe Kickhefer