Modern printing techniques mean many different businesses have the opportunity to produce great printed designs on products of all different shapes and sizes. This is one of the reasons why the jute bag industry has grown so much in recent years. Businesses are jumping on the trend of providing colourful high-quality printed jute bags to customers that offer a good marketing opportunity as well as a reusable product.

It is easy to see why many are attracted to the benefits of jute bags, but how do you know if the design will work for your brand? In this article, we have a look at some of the best designs for your printed jute bags.

  1. The simple single colourway printed jute bag

Sometimes the simplest approaches are the best ones. If you own a more minimalist brand, a simple all-over single colourway design that matches the rest of the colours in the business is always a good way to go. This is also a good approach if you want to put the focus on the logo of the jute bag.

If you do go for this minimal design, make sure you make use of opposite colours. If the background is dark, a lighter logo will work well and vice versa.

  1. Stripes with alternating colours

A striped printed jute bag will be popular with a lot of customers as it is a classic design. This works well if you have a more traditional brand with a focus on good products. We recommend using colours that pair well on the colour wheel for maximum effect. Make sure you keep in mind that this is not viewed as a very modern design.

  1. Checkered printed jute bags

A checkered design is another traditional pattern that has the potential to work well on printed jute bags. They are a design that is pleasing to the eye and provide good opportunity for creative direction through the size of the pattern and the different colours used.

  1. Polka-dot printed jute bags

The polka-dot design is a little bolder than the previous ones listed, so you should approach it with care. This will not work for all designs and can be difficult to get right if you are unsure of the look you are going for. Try to stick to non-offensive colours and perhaps consult feedback groups on split tests with other designs to work out what is best. That being said, a polka-dot design is good as it stands out from other patterns and is great for creating memorable bags that will be reused by customers in the future.

Make sure the design matches the aesthetic of the business

The different designs and colours available for printed jute bags make it tempting to experiment with lots of different designs. We recommend proceeding with caution. If you work for a larger company consult your brand guidelines and make sure the proposed design matches the look and feel of your brand. This will increase the chances of your bag making a good impression on your bosses and your customers.

Zoe Kickhefer