What are your alternatives to shared housing for student accommodation?

When deciding on where to live at university, there are often two main choices; halls (which are usually limited to first years) and shared student accommodation. Whilst many are happy with these arrangements, there are some other options that you can explore if you are looking for a different kind of student accommodation.

Here we break down some of these different options and why you may choose to go for them over traditional student accommodation.

  • Student serviced apartments

Serviced apartments have expanded their market in recent years and now offer a variety of different options for students looking for more catered accommodation. This type of student accommodation make’s a good bridge between living at home and moving out completely. The added benefit of not having to worry about the extra bills and cleaning costs means that for many this is one of the lowest stress forms of accommodation.

  • Staying at home while studying 

This is one of the lowest-cost forms of accommodation you can pick for uni (depending on how much your parents charge). This is why it is such a popular option in the world of rising accommodation costs. Of course, this method of student accommodation limits where you can study, and you may have to face to gruel of a long daily commute to complete your studies. The money you save form living at home, however, could be well worth it in the long run.

  • Spare room for student accommodation

The website Spareroom and other providers help students find the right accommodation for them at a reduced price. This is a good option if you are looking to move into an apartment with other people but do not want to spend a huge amount of money. We recommend doing your research when looking on accommodation through this method as it tends to be slightly higher risk.

  • Student accommodation through one-bedroom flats

For those students who prefer their privacy, nothing is stopping you from renting your accommodation during your studies. This has several benefits. You can tailor the layout of the apartment to your personal needs and do not have to worry about your way of living disturbing that of a fellow housemate.

Whilst these are great benefits, solo living can lead to students feeling isolated and this can lead to issues further down the line. In addition to the potential for isolation, living in a solo apartment may not be worth the higher bills and living costs that go with it.

Why should I choose a different form of student accommodation? Whilst there are benefits to normal student accommodation, there are a number of different reasons why choosing a different path may be beneficial. Student serviced apartments, for example, offer good cleaning and laundry serviced that could provide a good bridge between home and a full apartment. Whatever option you opt for, make sure you pick the right one for you.

Zoe Kickhefer