What benefits do laminate paper bags over other types of carrier bags?

While it may seem like a simple decision when making the switch from plastic to paper bags, there are actually several different options you have when it comes to the material that you choose for the product.

Laminated paper bags are standard paper bags that have been applied with a laminate finish for both aesthetic and practical purposes. In today’s article, we break down some of the key benefits that laminated paper bags over other types of eco-friendly paper bags and why you should implement them in your business.

  • Laminated paper bags are good for sterilisation

If you are providing customers with edible products, you will want to ensure they are kept in as good condition as possible, and safe to eat. If you opt for laminated paper bags this will help you keep the products safe. The smoother and less porous material means there is less chance for microbes to be trapped and this means that when cleaned and sterilised they remain safe for extended periods after.

  • Laminated paper bags have a higher stiffness than other options

The good stiffness that laminated paper bags provide is good news if you are supplying large products that could distort the bag. The stiffness means they can be packed with a lot of goods due to the extra capacity which means your customers can fit more of their new purchases in. The added strength will also lower the risk of the bag breaking, which is more good news for you and your customers.

  • Laminate paper bags offer an attractive glossy finish

The third benefit of laminated paper bags is to do with the look and style of the bag. The laminate application offers an attractive glossy finish that many businesses look for as a means of standing out. This gives you more styling options when it comes to the design, logo and graphics you use on the bag. The laminate will also help protect the exterior of the bag should it come into contact with any liquid.

  • Laminated paper bags add a luxurious feel to the product

Laminate bags can provide a gloss or matte finish that works particularly well with designs for luxury branded products. This is one of the big reasons to consider this product if you are styling your goods based on the luxury feel of your brand. We recommend keeping your design minimal the emphasise the finish on the laminate bag.

Are there any disadvantages to laminated paper bags?

Whilst there are plenty of reasons to choose laminated paper bags for the sake of balance, there are a few drawbacks. For example, as well as being good for sterile environments, laminated paper bags do have a higher solvent retention rate than other products.

This is not a massive problem itself, but it could alter the tastes of any perishables carried for a long period. Despite this drawback, if you go with a good laminated paper bags supplier you should not run into any major issues.

Zoe Kickhefer