When Fashion Takes a Hard Turn

It’s impossible to define fashion in any reasonable manner. Some people look good wearing some things, and other people would look terrible in that same outfit. Many times, the confidence that a person exudes has more to do with how good their appearances as opposed to the actual clothes on their body. In some cases, people will buy basic fashion pieces and design them to their own style, using applique designs, or cutting and sewing pieces, etc. there is a lot that can be done to create the fashion that they want, as well as feel comfortable in wearing.

There are generally recognized aesthetic principles that you can follow. And then there are times when fashion takes a hard turn and your left scratching your head. Those are some of the most interesting stories to follow.

Take a few examples. When is the last time that you saw an adult in a onesie? How familiar are you with hipster culture? Have you ever noticed there is a very strong difference between what fashion designers say is popular and what people are wearing on the street? These are all valid questions and deserve as much discussion as you are willing to put energy into.

All About the Adult Onesie

For a vast majority of the world, there will never be any interest in the adult onesie. However, for creative folks, it might be just the ticket to exploring a new realm of fashion creativity. It’s very rare to see these onesies in public, but at private events, they can be a different story. As soon as one adult is willing to put on a onesie as anything other than a costume, it becomes more like a themed event. Just plan on getting a lot of attention, especially if you are in a slightly more conservative environment.

Hipsters In and Out

The idea of the hipster comes in and out of vogue. Depending on who has used the term most recently, sometimes it deals more with the music scene than culture in general. However, individual styles and fashions will come into and go out of cities, and people will claim the hipster flag either as their own or as something that some other subculture has stolen from them.

High Fashion Vs. Low Fashion

If you ever watch fashion shows, you’ll probably notice that most of the people look either uncomfortable or ridiculous. There is a bizarre discrepancy between the designs that show up on runways, and the clothes that people wear in everyday life. Cost is part of the factor, and branding is another part, but it seems that the fashion industry is often particularly interested in shock value or unreasonable exposure as opposed to anything that makes sense to the rest of us.

People who consistently understand fashion will appreciate the way that styles come and go. People who are more consistently interested in clothes that are comfortable or socially appropriate will have different views on the subject. Balance in all things is essential, particularly when it comes to the fashion industry.

Zoe Kickhefer