Why air compression boots are popular with athletes looking for better recovery

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Why athletes use air compression boots

For athletes, the air compression boots are important because they help improve overall recovery time. These boots work to reduce blood pressure and lymph flow, which removes some of the stresses on a muscle or tendon and helps it to recover faster. Players who wear air compression boots also have less inflammation and the chance of developing painful gout. For athletes with injuries, air compression boots can be a great alternative to pain relieving methods.

According to c, founder of the ACSI and a former professional soccer player, air compression boots can be used to improve muscle control and endurance. Air compression boots are used by Olympians and National Football League players as part of their regular training. For instance, New York Giants players wear air compression boots in the offseason to improve performance. Air compression boots also have a positive impact on performance by increasing elasticity in joints and ankles and reducing muscle pain, inflammation, and injury.

Air compression boots have also made an impact on the coaching world. For coaches wanting to enhance their training techniques, air compression boots have become popular tools that coaches can use to improve performance and reduce injuries. In fact, air compression boots have been used to treat athletes with chronic musculoskeletal injuries like ankle sprains and low back pain.

“Air compression boots have gotten big, but in a good way,” says Heath Williams, certified athletic trainer and ACE Coach. “We see athletes who might have been wearing orthopedic shoes come in to air compress boots because they don’t want to do the loading motion on the foot anymore. The shoe basically compresses and increases the load on the ankles, causing damage and inflammation to the tendon and ankle. Air compression boots can help you keep some elasticity in your ankles. It helps reduce that inflammatory response.”

Athletes need to be aware of the possible safety issues of air compression boots and how to mitigate them. In some cases, air compression boots can compress too much or the air too quickly which can potentially injure the skin. Proper fitting is a big concern for the ACSI and many athletes are concerned about how to get the proper fit.

“I have been playing in air compression boots for 15 years,” says Williams. “You need to go with a professional and get a good recommendation from your trainer and doctor if you’re going to use them at all. There are many different brands to choose from, but the most popular ones are New Balance and Airpowr, but NormaTec and Recoverfit are emerging as leaders in trusted suppliers of entire recovery systems. You can’t get enough air from them, so you have to be cautious with how you get it into the boots. You have to be aware that they are made for athletic use and you can’t use them in the gym or to strengthen your muscles.”

Zoe Kickhefer