Hi, I’m Zoe and I have one mission in life, which is TO LIVE MY BEST LIFE!

While I may not have mastered the act of throwing it all into life’s big pot and cooking it to perfection, I sincerely believe that I have identified which ingredients are required to cook up a storm of happiness. I truly believe that I have figured out the key to happiness in one’s life and now I’m going to spend the rest of my life putting that into practice.

It’s very simple – life is like a restaurant; you walk into it and are presented with a menu of food items you could fill up on, some of which are healthy and some of which are just delicious, but offer very little in the way of nutritional value. You might not even like any of the items on the menu, but you chose that specific restaurant because that’s what you can afford right now…

My story

While I have some intelligence on the kind of “restaurant” I’d like to spend my days dining at (how I’d like to live out my life), by no means am I at a point at which I can say that I can enjoy that privilege at will. I believe that I’ve found my place in the world, but I haven’t quite arrived at that place.

However, since it’s now going to be my lifelong mission to finally arrive at that place, I may as well find ways to enjoy the journey as I go along.

So, at first glance you might think I’m the typical girl on the block who seems to have her life together, but there’s a whole lot more to it than the quintessential Millennials’ dream. Yes, as the major points of focus of this blog suggest, I do enjoy some of the clichés of the life of a Millennial, but I’ll reiterate – it goes a lot deeper than that.

I don’t believe in half-assing anything in one’s life – not a single thing. Rather, I believe that whatever it is you do has to be done with the kind of intensity which otherwise suggests that it’s quite possibly the last opportunity you will ever get to do it, so you have to make it count! That’s why any adventure I might have gone on or any trip I might have taken will invariably have anyone who has a window into that experience scrunching up their forehead at the amazement that something which has probably been done a million times and more is done one more time in what appears to be a unique manner. In a nutshell – it will always be a little different with me, whatever IT is!

Sometimes the manner through which the everyday experience will be different with me is simply from the point of view of the unique perspective I apply, which I believe we all have in actual fact, but are often made to stifle it in the name of honouring the status quo or avoiding coming across as strange, weird or even a little bit crazy.

The blog

So that’s exactly what you can expect as what I hope will be a regular reader of the content shared on this blog – expect a rather unique exploration of what are otherwise regular topics such LIFESTYLE, TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, ENTERTAINMENT, FASHION, and even SPORTS!

The reason for the existence of this blog is so that I can have a public record of how I go about living my best life as I explore what are otherwise ordinary, everyday parts of the typical life of a late-twenties Millennial lady!

Of course I won’t be the only contributor to the content shared on this platform, because one of the most valuable life lessons I’ve come to learn is that experiences are best shared with others, whether they’re like-minded or not, as that is how to uncover a range of different ways of enjoying those experiences and possibly uncovering the absolute best way.

So basically when you read a post here on Everyday Lives it will hopefully give you a rather intriguing if not unique way of enjoying a particular experience which forms part of modern day life, setting you up to live your best life as well.