The fundamental requirement of having a lifestyle blog is making connections with readers. The site is focused on providing foreigners a taste of the American life and guides my fellow citizens in making smarter decisions.

As the articles range from food recipes to date night tips, I have to be in constant touch with my readers to get a note of their expectations. I have been discussing thoughts and ideas with many readers who have helped me publish a variety of articles in a short period.

If you are also interested in talking to me, then use the following channels


    Write to me

    The opportunity of writing for the website will allow us to connect on a professional as well as on a personal level.  My team and I are keen on receiving write-ups from readers who are not only original but also teach us a thing or two.

    However, I would not be publishing every article I receive as I must maintain quality content on the website. Nonetheless, I will be assisting better submissions and will be posting them with proper credits.  I hope that my readers will be sending topics, ideas, and lists of articles which will benefit our community. Let’s work for the greater good and produce some quality content.

    Sometimes people write to me and tell me that they’re stumped for things to write about. If you want a better idea of some of the things that we encourage you to submit a guest post about, I’ve written a list below!

    • Love and relationships
    • Self-improvement
    • Parenting tips
    • Personal experience
    • Fashion advice
    • Food blogging
    • Inspirational posts
    • Motivation
    • Travel writing
    • Health & Wellness

    If you don’t see a topic you’re interested in listed here, you can still send in ideas for other topics that my readership might be interested in!

    Just please ensure that all guest posts submitted are:

    • plagiarism free
    • interesting and engaging
    • at least 500 words
    • relevant to the site

    I look forward to seeing your guest post submissions!

    Send a direct message

    To keep things simple, I have also designed a specific page for people to contact me directly. It allows you to send a message after registering your email with us. Thus, you can contact me with the shortest route and get instant replies as well.

    One more benefit of talking directly is the amount of privacy involved. I am not here to judge, and you can share even the most private information with me. My job is to listen to everything you say and give a reasonable settlement about issues nagging you.

    Do not hesitate in discussing new ideas and thoughts. I am open for long debates over sensitive topics not catered to on social platforms. But, for yours and my comfort, keep the message short and simple. Do not cut short to conclusions without understanding the whole discussion.

    I would also recommend you to read more articles on the website as the majority of your issues would get resolved then and there.

    By commenting

    Your comments are an invaluable aspect of the development of this website. It allows me to understand your thought process which enables me to write better. As the content is highly diversified I am accustomed to receiving various enquires and settle doubts on a daily basis.

    Every question you raise helps other readers with the same psyche. I would request you to post a comment on every article you read, and I will be posting prompt replies.

    These channels will help you get in touch with me with ease.  I am very passionate about what I do, and my readers are my top priority.  Do register your response and we might be making this website great together.

    Hurry the next article gets published in 3..2..1.