For many people, sleep is one of the most precious commodities in life. Because of this, sleeping in for even just a few more minutes in the morning in something that many people crave more than the coffee they have to pump in their system as soon as they’re awake.

So when you can find a way to shave a couple of minutes off your morning routine in order to stay in bed longer, most people will jump at the chance. However, this can sometimes mean sacrificing in a way that you don’t really want to, like having to scramble to get ready and not looking or feeling your best.

To help ensure that this doesn’t happen to you but that you’re able to shorten the time it takes you to look great in the morning, here are three tips for saving time on your hair during your morning routine. 

Embrace Accessories

When you don’t have the time or energy to really work your hair into a cute style in the morning, one of your best options is to use an accessory to help hide any problems areas and make it appear like you’ve put some thought and effort into your look.

While this can be done consistently through the use of things like wigs or hair extensions, Baze Mpinja, a contributor to Harpers Bazaar, shares that you can also use things like clips, barrettes, or even bobby pins to liven up a look that you’ve really spent little time or effort on. 

Shower At Night

One activity that can take up a ton of time in the morning is taking a shower. Not only are you having to clean yourself while in the shower, but then you also have to style your hair once you’re out of the shower, which can cut into the time you could be sleeping.

To eliminate this dilemma, Alicia Lu, a contributor to PopSugar Beauty, suggests that you shower at night rather than in the morning. By doing this, you’ll still be clean in the morning while also having dry hair that’s easier to work with and often more flexible when it comes to styling the way you want. 

Sleep In Braids Or Buns

To wake up with hair that’s literally ready to go as soon as your head comes off the pillow, Tyler Atwood, a contributor to The Bustle, recommends going to sleep the night before with your hair either in braids or buns. 

With both of these night-time styles, you’ll be able to wake up to hair that’s in near-perfect waves that you’ll easily be able to style in just a few moments in the morning. 

If you want hair that looks great while taking up very little time in the morning, consider using the tips mentioned above.

Zoe Kickhefer