Life is often what you make it. However, in addiction treatment and recovery making life exciting, or even enjoyable, can seem like a challenge. It is totally ok to feel like this sometimes, but it is usually encouraging to know that there are ways that you can make it out of this rut. Practicing gratitude is one way that you can make yourself and other people around you feel better over time.Here are 9 practical ways to have more gratitude in addiction recovery.

  1. Make it a Goal to Have a Positive Outlook on Life

I know that early into sober living this idea may seem to be easier said than done. However, it is true that aiming for a more positive mindset can make your life improve overall. Before you know it you will likely be more excited about things and happy to partake in activities that you enjoy. “A positive attitude is crucial when starting one’s life over, especially with the challenges and triggers coming ahead”, says Mat Gorman, CEO at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes.

  1. Think of Challenges in Recover as Something Happening For You and Not to You

During addiction treatment and recovery, it is easy to fall into a self-pitying kind of mindset. You think of your past mistakes and current addiction treatment as something that has happened to you. You may even find yourself asking yourself: “Why is this happening to me?” A good way to get out of this mentality is to start thinking of your past and current situations as something happening for you. Without your treatment (perhaps in a drug rehab Thailand or elsewhere) you couldn’t improve your future and overall well-being. The rehab can ensure you hold onto a job, have friends, enjoy life, and not relapse.

  1. Practice Mindful Journaling

A good way to promote gratitude during addiction treatment and recovery is to practice mindful journaling. This is especially helpful when you practice mindful journaling with a positive outlook. This way you can put some thoughts into perspective and see how far you have come.

  1. Note What Parts of Your Life Have Improved in Addiction Recovery

A great way to maintain a positive outlook during addiction recovery at rehab centers like Arista Recovery – – is to note what parts of your life have improved since you started alcohol or drug detox. This could be anything from improved relationships to having more time and money.

  1. Think About What You Are Thankful For

Similar to noting recent life improvements, reflecting on what you are thankful for can do wonders when you are trying to promote gratitude in addiction recovery. This will help you to remember what parts of your life that make you the happiest, make you feel loved, and motivate you to continue with your treatment.

  1. Make an Effort to be Kind

When you are kind to others, they will likely also be kind to you. Being nice to people, and having people be friendly back, just makes you feel good overall. Not to mention, it will make the people around you feel pretty good as well.

  1. Remember Those Who Are There for You

Remembering the people who are there for you, care about you, and support you will likely lift you up during the tough times. It will also help to remind you who to call if you need help.

  1. Make an Effort to be Giving and Helpful

As mentioned earlier, if you are nice to other people it feels really good. Sometimes just knowing that you have done something to help someone else is enough to lift your spirits. It is always nice to know that you are the kind of person who does things to help others.

  1. Try to View Your Addiction Treatment as a Challenge That You Are Trying to Overcome

There is a toxic mindset out there that paints addiction recovery as something shameful. It is important to remember that this is not the case at all! Viewing addiction treatment and recovery as a challenge that you are overcoming will make you feel better about yourself and promote the practice of gratitude in your daily life.


Practicing gratitude in addiction recovery is a great way to improve your mindset during this challenging journey. In addition to this, it also promotes the happiness of the people around you. There are many ways that you can practice gratitude on a daily basis. These range from actively being kind and helpful to others to practicing mindfulness with a positive outlook. Remember, one often leads to the other, so try to think on the bright side of things.

Zoe Kickhefer