If we missed some of the best places for food that is both sustainable and vegan-friendly in Ubud, let us know. With the myriad other organic cafes that lining Ubud’s streets, we are certain that we missed more than a few in our list. In fact, Ubud has so many health-focused cafes that, even after living there for a month, it’s difficult for anyone to try them all. During your visit and depending on how long you have, you could try more than 50 of the best restaurants in Ubud and still come away not having tried them ALL. Many of them are completely vegetarian or vegan, or with lots of meat-free options.

Here are some of our best picks for the best healthy restaurants in Ubud, Bali. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or full-on meat eater, you are going to enjoy Ubud’s best organic food. Ubud and clean eating are paired together so well, that I would consider it a near-crime not to check out some of the best healthy, organic restaurants in Ubud.

Bridge Bali serves both Balinese and Western dishes, and has the only wine bar in Ubud. The Bridges multi-level dining room is also the location for DIVINE, one of Ubuds best wine bars and cocktails, located downstairs at the Bridges building, facing the Vos river. Overlooking the Campuhan river, Bridges Bali offers breathtaking views across its many levels of dining. To get to Sari Organik, you have to hike up the hill off Ubud’s main road, passing some typical Bali landscapes.

Dewi Sita is one of the healthiest restaurants in Ubud, serving up fresh, home cooked, healthy dishes, and has an amazing juice selection (hence its name). All of you looking for a cool down on a hot summer’s day are sure to love this health food haven as the choice of smoothies and juices is amazing. Besides all these incredible cafes bars and organic restaurants, The Island Of Gods may have a few more fun places to visit for the health-food lovers. All of that tasty vegan food in Ubud is super affordable, with Indonesian dishes starting at $2, while Western and raw dishes are about $4, though many restaurants do have a 10% extra tax and 5% service fee (sometimes 10%) on top of that (I note the times on my list below).

In addition to being Bali’s arts and creativity hub, Ubud is home to a culture of fresh produce, with those health buzzwords dominating the cafe and restaurant scene. The best villas in Ubud match the organic living lifestyle to the tee! With an abundance of fresh seafood, chemical-free meats, and an organic fruit/vegetables plethora, Ubud boasts of having a unique green Culture.

Bali Buda also has a small food store underneath the restaurant, offering home-made cakes and breads, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and other natural products. One of Bali’s oldest and earliest healthy eateries and shops, Bali Buda has been serving MSG-free, organic food since 1994. Established in 1994, the chain of Bali Buda grocery stores is like the golden child of organic Bali restaurants.

Zoe Kickhefer