According to the latest report by AgeUKMobility, Finland is the best country to live in for older people. If you don’t mind the cold conditions of this beautiful European nation, you would be fortunate enough to live your retired life beneath the Auroras. The happy and comfortable life here is the best in the world. Still it’s a far cry from the sandy beaches of California which houses assisted living facilities similar to Senior Care Center. You can read more here –, but for those who are interested in retiring in Europe Finland may be the place for you.

Finland on top

Finland is ranked high in life expectancy, i.e., 81.9 years and pension start at 65 years. This means that your life without worrying about earning a steady income after retirement.

The report highlights awesome countries where you can spend a happy retirement. It includes Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, and Spain. For US citizens, the nearest option is Canada which offers better overall healthcare and safety. The report also suggests that it would be much better for people to move across the Atlantic if they are looking for a happier life post 60.

If you are living in the US, you are probably looking at retirement with concern and worries. Hundreds of thousands of Americans retire every year to lower-income, large healthcare bills and a sense of dread towards the future. This is not the case in other countries. There are some places on earth where retirement means a more peaceful life with good healthcare, a great social security system and comfortable lifestyles.

The report took several factors into account before deciding the best place for retirees to live in. This included the average life expectancy, health care index, happiness index, safety index, cost of living index, property affordability index, and the age at which pension begins. Interestingly, despite the ongoing issues with Brexit, the UK is still a better place to retire than the US.

The British get a sweeter deal

If you are a British citizen, you have a stronger chance to get a better life after retirement than an American. It is the 17th best place in the world to retire with an average life expectancy of 81.3 years and a great healthcare system. The UK is also safer and happier. The NHS makes all the difference in this case because it provides a safety net to all British people, helping them gain a better and more productive life during their working years and a more comfortable healthcare net after retirement.

The report shows that life on the east of Atlantic is better than on the west, with European countries faring far better in all criteria compared to their American counterparts. One of the reasons for this is because the United Kingdom is home to some of the nicest retirement villages in the world, and when you have a high-quality care home like Inchmarlo Retirement Village on your doorstep, thinking about retirement is much less daunting. With that said, before brexit, it could be easier for British citizens to live in other parts of the European Union and enjoy a good life. If Britain leaves on good terms, it would still be a desirable time for you to move to another European country.

Whether you are in the US or the UK, retirement takes the work burden off your shoulders and gives you an opportunity to look at life from a brand-new perspective. You might have a lot of choices in front of you about how to live life after retirement as you might not have any more responsibilities to fulfill. It is often advised to move to a residential community or an assisted living space (if interested, you can visit this site) to drive your life forward with calmness and in a care-free way.

One more way to enjoy your post-retirement period can be traveling. You can travel to the distinct and beautiful places around the world to know our planet more. Every country has a unique identity that can be experienced to the maximum extent only by visiting them in person. With so many choices on the table, you may need to make sure that you plan well and live in a place that soothes your soul.

Zoe Kickhefer