With the first summer of freedom this year for what has felt like a lifetime, people have been desperate to get back out and return to some sort of degree of normalcy. This has led to an increase in alternative activities such as paddle boarding, which has become more popular as a choice of sport across the UK. Stand Up (SUP) boards can be seen as expensive to those looking to get into paddle boarding. However, outlets such as Aquaplanet offer a great variety of SUP boards at competitive prices for all levels of skill whether you are completely new or looking to get the most out of paddle boarding.

When first starting to paddle board, it is best to go out on a tour or with a group who can guide you along the way. As well as hiring the equipment firstly to see if you can get the hang of it, however after a while the cost of this will start to add up. SUP boards once mastered can be great fun and a new alternative way to exercise or get out and explore depending on what your purpose is for paddle boarding. It opens up all new possibilities, as trips away can be planned ahead for new places to explore in the water, as the UK offers many spots of natural beauty to get out there and see. This blog will explain why  SUP boards are the perfect investment for the summers ahead, so keep on reading to find out more!

Create memories with your paddle board

Getting out onto the water might not be for everyone, but for many can be a great outlet to enjoy some freedom and explore new areas they would not often see, not only in day-to-day life but at all. SUP boards are a great way to get out and broaden your horizons but also as an alternative form of exercise compared to more common types like running. Going out on the water and getting fresh air is a great form of physical exercise and is beneficial to your mental health as well. Being locked inside for the best part of 18 months since the pandemic, getting out is vital now more than ever and can help improve your mood. Especially in a group setting, as paddle boarding amongst a group, whether it be friends and family or strangers can be a great way to get out and socialise in a different setting. The peace of the water as you make your way and explore different parts of the world, can be a truly unforgettable experience and take in the areas of natural beauty the world has to offer. Furthermore, doing this in a group opens up more choices if you want to do other activities which would not be available to you if you were out by yourself. Some may want the peace and serenity SUP boards do have to offer, whilst many prefer paddle boarding amongst a group.

Zoe Kickhefer