3 Tips For Managing Stress

Stress can come in many shapes and sizes. You may have pressure piling up at work, or you may even be facing litigation. Perhaps you’ve been having trouble conceiving a child.

Whatever the reason for your stress is, life always seems to throw us curveballs. These curveballs can make it difficult to keep it together.

While you may not be able to put an end to stressful situations coming up in life, you can control how you react. Having a plan in motion for how you’ll deal with stress when it comes up is important. Some people use medical marijuana as a way to manage their symptoms and you can learn more about the different strains here. However, before embarking on the journey of using medical marijuana, remember to gather the requisite knowledge regarding different methods of consumption. Many people often resort to vape pens, bubblers, pipes, and bongs (try checking out bongs for sale online at Fat Buddha Glass and similar stores). However, it would be recommended to first research these tools on the internet, so that you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Also, do not forget that this method isn’t for everyone, and by equipping ourselves with the right tools to deal with stress, we can avoid letting it overrun our lives.

Take a look at some of the best ways to curb your anxiety levels and stay in control when things get stressful.

Put Things In Perspective

A lot of the times we allow ourselves to believe that things are a lot worse than they are. Rather than letting yourself fall into a pit of despair, take a step back, and put things into perspective.

Perhaps you didn’t get that promotion. Maybe you’re bummed about that unexpected bill. However, rather than only focusing on what’s going wrong, try to think about what’s going right.

Think about all of the things that you do have rather than don’t have. By taking a deep breath and practicing gratitude, you can manage your stress much better. The only way to move forward is to accept it and be grateful that at least you still have all these other things going for you. There is always something to be thankful for.

Take Breaks

You can’t spend all of your waking hours fixating on how to fix your problems. Your mind will start to go mad after a while. Try to ease up on replaying the worst case scenario over and over in your mind.

Take a step back and do something calming. It can be anything from meditating to taking a bath, to watching a movie. It could even be visiting a family member, a friend or even spending time with your partner. I’m sure if your loved ones are aware of the stress you’re going through, your partner will have already thought of a thousand ways to make you feel like, whether that’s just cooking you a nice evening meal or getting you a special something from a site like giftunicorn. Just do whatever it takes to mentally “check out” for a while and step away from the stress.


Working up a sweat is a great way to release stress. Sometimes when we let our emotions pile up too much inside of us, we start to feel overwhelmed. All that energy needs somewhere to go!

Getting your heart rate up will not only get rid of pent up anxiety, but it will actually calm you down. Runners high is a real thing. After exerting yourself up to a certain level, a sense of peace overcomes you.

The release that you get from working out doesn’t require any medication or alcohol, and on top of that, it doesn’t cost anything! So, next time you start to feel stressed, throw on your running shoes, and get busy.

Zoe Kickhefer