Accommodation across many different cities can be somewhat bland and boring. Tall uniform hotels and low budget hostels are aplenty, however truly unique places to stay are few and far in-between. Despite this, there is some accommodation that is bucking the trend meaning that owning luxury real estate can become a really good investment. Here are some of the different luxury serviced apartments that are located in some interesting and unique areas.

  • The Hadlow Tower

This luxury serviced apartment is located in a tower! If you have ever wanted to create your own magical fairytale getaway this could be the place for you. The accommodation is located in the picturesque scenery of the Kent countryside. The luxury serviced apartment sleeps 6 and comes with a lift if the thought of the countless stairs is not very appealing.

  • Walton Castle

Walton Castle is a luxury serviced apartment that matches the common perception of a typical English medieval castle. The spacious accommodation sleeps a whopping 16 people and boasts many luxuries and creature comforts including a pool, hot tub and plenty of large bathrooms. Given the size of this luxury serviced apartment, we recommend travelling in a large group to get the best value for money.

  • The Windmill Suffolk

The Windmill at Suffolk is a truly unique serviced apartment. This converted windmill exhibits fantastic views over the countryside and sleeps, 4 people. The highly modern interior works well with the renovated exterior and provides plenty of amenities including a coffee machine, kitted out bathroom and cooking facilities.

  • The Krane

Our last luxury serviced apartment comes from Denmark, and, as the name suggests, is located within a converted crane. The former coal crane has been converted into an intimate two-person apartment with fantastic views over the Copenhagen harbour. The high-quality bathroom, unique fittings and large bed help contribute to the luxury feel of this serviced apartment.

Stay in a luxury serviced apartment that will leave long-lasting memories

When you are looking into the different accommodation available to you, it can be easy to prioritise price and go for a standard option. However more often than not this will lead to an average stay. This is why we recommend going with a serviced apartment that is truly unique. This will help you create a getaway for you and your family that will be talked about for years to come.

Zoe Kickhefer