4 Reasons Italy Makes a Great Place To Live

Italy attracts thousands of expats every year.  It’s a country which is known to quickly woo the hearts of those who visit.  

As a matter of fact, it is believed by many people that Italy may be the best place in the world.  Not quite ready to pack your bag? Here are the reasons why so many expats have decided that Italy is a fantastic place to move to.

The Food

Italy is most famous for its mouth-watering cuisine.  Whether you want to find one of the best pizzas in the world, or a handmade pasta dish, Italia is the spot.

In fact, Italian food is so popular, that it has been adopted by countries all over the world who have incorporated it into their own traditional dishes.

The Italians see food as a way of life, not just a meal.  They carefully plan each meal with thought and passion. From a simple espresso to a scoop of gelato, the Italians put great care into their creations with a strong focus on quality over quantity.

As if the food wasn’t enough to make your ears start to perk up, they also have great pride in their wines.   For the Italians, no meal is complete without a glass of vino.

Culture and Heritage

Italy has an impressively rich history.  The country is full of exquisite museums and historical sites which can keep you busy for days.

Rome and Venice alone are home to some of the most beautiful architecture in the world.  If you’re a culture buff, then Italy will never keep you bored. It could take you decades to see all of the monumental sites, churches, and historically impressive parts of Italy.   

Local Markets

If you love local delights, then Italian markets are the way to go.  You can find everything from fresh fish to seasonal fresh fruit pies.  

Some of the most famous markets are in Venice and Bologna; however, you can find a fresh local market in any Italian city.

Quality of Living

Italians don’t just value food and their rich culture.  They also believe that life isn’t worth living without family and friends.  Italians are traditionally very close with their families and try to spend as much time as possible together.

Because of the strong family ties in Italian culture, people are less prone to depression.  Rather than spending their entire existence worrying about work, Italians are encouraged to enjoy their lives and spend plenty of time with their families and friends.

As a result, they are actually more productive at work!  Since their culture has such a strong emphasis on family values, most people feel fulfilled and happy with their lives.  Money isn’t the driving force, but quality of life.

Zoe Kickhefer