It is time for fantastic snowbound winter holidays, Christmas cheer and relaxed fun. Here are some of the leading stunning winter destinations that you can tour.


Svalbard is a small mining town in Norway that is among the inhabited regions in the northern part of the world. The areas around this town receive northern lights and polar lights which enables you to spot the aurora borealis.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal in Russia is commonly known as a sacred sea where many people though fear the place but are tempted to tour to tour themselves.

Ranked among the deepest lakes with freshwater in the world, Lake Baikal is one of the best tourist attraction in the country. During the winter season, about 80% of the total volume of the lake is covered with ice where I usually visit and play my favorite winter sports such as sledding and snowboarding.

The Antarctic

Known as the “Great White Continent”, it is characterized by stunning glaciers, wonderful mountains, and fascinating wildlife. If you are someone who loves experiencing the winter chills and wants to see nothing but snow all around, then a trip to the Antarctic could be all you need. In case this makes you excited and you are already anticipating a trip to this beautiful place, you can learn more online on how to get there.

Jigokudani Monkey Park

Jigokudani Monkey Park in Japan experiences packed snow for more than three months every year. In this region, there are several hot springs that you can warm up yourself after the heavy cold snow. Jigokudani Monkey Park also have steam vents that shoot up hot steam in the air that you can enjoy watching as you tour the region.

Midway, Utah

Located in the United States of America, Midway town is one of the best winter destinations. Lots of winter sports are played in this gorgeous place. The commonly performed sports include skiing, sledding and ice hockey.

Harbin city

Harbin city in China is one of the best destinations you can enjoy yourself during the winter season. The town has several ice structures that you can enjoy your favorite winter sports.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled in Slovenia has also been identified as one of the best winter destinations for visitors. The lake has an island with an extra-ordinary church consisting of over 100 steps. Couples like hiring this church for their weddings for they enjoy and consider it best luck when they carry each other to the tower of the church and ring the bell.

Lake bled has several physical features such as waterfalls, pools, and caves that you can tour and enjoy yourself.


Gullfoss waterfall is found in the southwest part of Iceland. This is one of the best winter destinations in the country. It is one of the beautiful places for you to visit because the region freezes over the winter season.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe in California, USA is one of the best winter destinations in the United States with beautiful scenery.

The region has beautiful sceneries such as hot springs, ski resorts, vistas, and animated nightlife.

You can enjoy winter sports in this region since the lake experiences a lot of snow annually.


The best winter holiday destination to relax in Sweden is the Abisko which is the home for Nordic wildlife.

You can enjoy your favorite winter sports such as dog sledding, skiing, skating and ice hockey.

Zoe Kickhefer