As parents, balancing beauty with functionality can be difficult with kids around. You want to be able to decorate your space with modern pieces that feel chic. Yet with the children’s belongings everywhere, you feel more like you’re in an episode of Barney than a modern design magazine. 

The struggle is real. Yet the good news is it’s totally possible to combine style and function if you know the right tricks. If you’re currently in the process of designing your family’s living room, then take al look at some of the best tips for making sure everyone in the family benefits.  

Find a Balance Between Design and Safety

First and foremost, your living space must be safe. You can forget about glass tables with sharp edges or delicate sculptures carefully balanced within reach of tiny fingers.  Just let that dream go.  

It’s important that you fill your space with items that you don’t have to worry about. Constantly surveying your children to make sure that they don’t damage your precious belongings is a stress you don’t need, nor do they.

When shopping around, look for products that promise safety with beauty. Always keep safety in the back of your mind. 

Choose Stain Free Surfaces

Forgiving patterns and stain-resistant fabrics are a must. Try as you might to make sure that your kids don’t spill, let’s face it, they always do in the end.

There will come a day when something spills – it’s an inevitable part of parenthood. Therefore, it’s essential to look for things that are anything but white and are easily cleaned! 

Plenty Of Storage

Kids have a lot of toys that they spread all over the house regardless of their age. When you have multiple children, it can quickly multiply. Therefore, think about choosing furniture pieces that include storage.  

Built-in storage means easily hiding clutter and making the room look neat in a few seconds. 

Add A Play Area 

Relationships are all about compromise, and your relationship with your children is no exception. Your children should be allowed to have a space in your living room that they’re allowed to be themselves in.

Assign a play corner where they can play alongside you without feeling banished to their rooms. They’ll appreciate having a space of their own! 

Choose Durable Fabrics

Besides spills, you’ll also notice that kids are capable of wearing out fabrics and surfaces. Between the jumping and climbing, it’s vital that your furniture is equipped with sturdy materials.

If possible, opt for high fabric counts and leather. The better quality a product is, the less likely it is to degrade under the wear and tear of rugrats!

Zoe Kickhefer