What does RIDDOR stand for and how can I follow it in my health and safety policy?

Whilst many organisations are trying to incorporate a holistic approach to managing health and safety through a wider risk frame, compliance is still very important to ensure your business is legally protected in its operations. One of the key aspects of HSE compliance is RIDDOR.

RIDDOR stands for the Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations. The regulations require employers and those in charge of workplaces to report work-related incidents that lead to death, incidents that lead to serious accidents, diagnosed cases of industrial diseases and some specific dangerous occurrences.

What are the reportable incidents in RIDDOR?

The regulations specify a large range of incidents that have to be reported to the HSE Executive. They include injuries like bone fractures and head injuries plus a wide range of ‘close-call’ dangerous occurrences. The full range of RIDDOR reportable incidents can be seen here

How can I ensure my business is following RIDDOR regulations?

Compliance is key for many businesses, particularly those whose workplaces may be susceptible to occupational incidents.

  1. Make sure you report any RIDDOR incidents immediately

When it comes to compliance in health and safety speed is key. When it comes to RIDDOR you have to report any applicable incident within 10 days and any over seven-day injuries must be reported within 15 days.

  • Ensure you have open communication in regards to incidents in the workplace

Good Communication in an organisation benefits a wide variety of activities, including your health and safety practices. Make sure employees make the necessary personnel aware of any RIDDOR relevant incidents and try to foster an environment of open communication.

  • Provide the necessary training on how to follow RIDDOR for your employees

In addition to creating open communications, it may be a good idea to provide some training to your employees on RIDDOR. This will help them understand how and when to report incidents and ideally how to prevent them in the future.

Visit the HSE Network for further guidance and information

RIDDOR compliance is an important aspect of health and safety and it can be hard to work out how to ensure your business is following the regulations whilst also implementing good overall practices.

The HSE Network brings together health and safety professionals with the aim of reducing the total number of incidents. Get in touch today to find out more about how to properly implement RIDDOR in your workplace.

Zoe Kickhefer