Serviced accommodation is luxurious and designed to keep you comfortable, but sometimes, it can be just as boring as sitting at home. Whether you’re a traveling businessman with the day off, or you’re on vacation and visited all your scheduled attractions already, you’re going to want something fun to do rather than just sitting around.

So, here are five fun things you can do to stay entertained in or around your serviced accommodation.

1: Test Your Culinary Skills

This one’s particularly fun if you’re traveling abroad and in a completely new place. In an entirely new area, where the culture is completely different, you’ll have easy access to ingredients you’ve never seen before. Now is the perfect opportunity to try something new and exciting. Of course, if you’re from the area, it’ll just be like cooking dinner at home.

Take a minute to check out the local grocery shops, pick up ingredients that look like they’ll work well together, and try to cook up something you’d have never experienced at home.

2: Movie Night

Luxury accommodation has everything you’d expect to have in a home environment; that includes television, WiFi, and sometimes, paid television at no extra cost to you. Take advantage of it for a lazy night in with your significant other or the whole family.

You can watch an action comedy with your family or a horror movie with your spouse, which can give you a good reason to cuddle with each other. If you are unsure about what to watch, maybe check out websites like to learn about the latest and all-time favorite horror movies or similar sites for other movie genres.

If you can’t find anything on the local TV channels or paid channels, a little forethought can help you take advantage of the WiFi. With your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and the proper connection cable, you can hook your device into the furnished television’s HDMI slot and stream from your favorite streaming platforms with ease. For example, if you have a Sky subscription and would like to continue watching your most beloved box sets and movies even while on holiday, knowing how to watch sky go outside the UK will be very beneficial to your stay. So, be sure to do this in plenty of time before you travel.

3: Visit the Local Pubs

In the UK, pubs are a prime destination for keeping yourself busy, and serviced accommodations are typically extremely close to at least a handful of options since they’re centrally located in tourist-friendly areas. Take a walk, grab a local craft brew, and chow down on some of the local pub food. Who knows, you might even make a few friends.

4: Try the Local Spots

Much like the pub situation, there are plenty of opportunities for you to have a good time by just walking a block or two from your serviced accommodation.

Just looking through shop windows, parkways, and other public spaces can provide hours of entertainment without forcing you to drive anywhere, and you might find something you enjoy more than the bigger attractions that you’ve visited during your trip.

5: Try the Local Channels

This one is going to be a bit of a waste if you’re from the same area that you’re staying in, but for those traveling abroad, it can be an entertaining experience. Just like there are cultural differences everywhere you go, there are different types of shows, ways of reporting the news, and other things on television.

Something as simple as watching the news in a new country can be so different from what you’re used to that you get absorbed into it.

Zoe Kickhefer