Many people use online matching services, hookup services or dating applications to find a partner or an interesting time. Whilst you might think preparing for the date itself or finding ways to spice up your bedroom might be the main focus of your efforts there are other factors to consider. Most people are truthful on their profiles, however others may lie about certain factors. There are also scammers who try to take advantage of the relationship prospect in order to steal money and information. If you choose to use a dating app it is upon you to decide if you want to meet someone. Dating apps are a great way to meet new people who you wouldn’t normally come into contact with. Plus, if someone were to lead a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to meet new people, so dating apps pull through with creating connections. No wonder they’re so popular! It also means users don’t have to waste time on dates with people who aren’t suited to them. Some users use sites purely because they want to find a fuck buddy and others are searching for a soulmate, but whatever the reason, it’s also important to stay safe online. Here are some tips you may take to increase your safety when connecting with potential partners through online dating services, hookup services, and apps.

When Interacting Online

1. Use Diverse Pictures for Your Profile

Conducting a reverse photo search is easy with Google. In case your dating profile contains an image that also appears on your Facebook or Instagram account, people you won’t want to match with will easily find you on social networks.

2. Do Not Connect With Suspicious Profiles

In case the individual you linked with does not have bio accounts, or social network accounts, it could be that they’re also protecting themselves from unwanted matches. However, if they only post one suspiciously sexual photo and speak very generically, it could be a pseudo-account used by scammers. In order to confirm it, you could take a screenshot of the photo and image search it, or you could check out porn stars on websites like XXX Tube 1 or OnlyFans pages to see if the photo is stolen from there. Overall, it is important to exercise caution when choosing to interact with someone about whom you have so little information.

You can also report and block a suspicious profile. Believe your instincts if you feel that somebody is truly or falsely representing themselves.

3. Do Not Share Private Information

Never share your personal information with somebody you have not met in person, including social security no., bank details, credit card particulars, or address.

4. Do Not Retort To Requests for Monetary Support

Despite how compelling a person’s reason may look, never retort to a money transfer request, especially abroad or by bank transfer. If you receive such requests, report it immediately to the application or site you are using.

When Having a Personal Meeting

5. Before Meeting Ensure You Video Chat

Video chat might be a great way to ensure that your partner is who they say they are on their profile. In case they oppose a video call, it might be an indication of suspicious activity.

6. Tell an Acquaintance Where You Are Going

Send a screenshot of the date’s profile to a friend. Also, inform them when and where you will go on your date.

7. Meet in an Open Place

Even if you are meeting for a hookup, avoid meeting with people for the first time in your apartment, home, or workplace. You can make yourself and your date more comfortable in a café, bar, or restaurant with many other people around you. You can also get a better feeling of the person

8. Have Your Transport Means

You must have control over your transportation. Hence, you may leave when you feel like it. This will also assist you on an occasion where you do not trust your date.

9. Believe Your Instincts

In case you are uncomfortable, believe your instincts and do not hesitate to leave a date or end the communication with the person who makes you feel insecure. Don’t worry about being rude, your well-being is the most significant thing and your date must understand that.

In case you felt uncomfortable or insecure during the date, remember that you can always block, unmatch, or report your date after a face-to-face meeting, which will prevent them from accessing your profile someday. Additionally, if you’ve been using online dating as a way to hook-up with a potential sexual partner but your dates just never seem right, maybe consider Real Sex Dolls as an alternative option. Your safety should always be your number one priority, so a sex doll can be a much safer way to enjoy your love life than to meet up with strangers who may make you feel threatened or unsafe.

Zoe Kickhefer