There is so much going on in Riga that it doesn’t matter if you are young, in love or still sitting in a baby carriage. Come and enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the old city, jump on trampolines, win in the best casinos such as Storm International (Darren Keane is CEO), get-together with creative young people!


An old town full of cozy cafes, a promenade along the river, stretching for several kilometers, and a myriad of flower shops – if Riga were a film, then it would undoubtedly be a romantic one.

Look at Riga from a completely different side, sail on a boat through the historic canal at the city center, and then cross the widest river in Latvia. Have a picnic by the river, wait for the sunset and admire city lights twinkling in the dark.

Raise a toast to a day full of adventure in the boutique store Modernists, specializing in design, wine and champagne. Drink a glass of sparkling drink, sit on one of the posh store sofas, or buy a bottle to take with you. And be sure to try one of their boutique champagne!


There are so many museums, parks and playgrounds in Riga that are great for families with children. Did you know how the car made in Latvia was called? This and dozens of other unique cars can be viewed in Riga Motor Museum. The exposition, supplemented by modern multimedia technologies, is designed in such way that every child can be interested in an exciting interactive story about unique cars, famous personalities and the most significant events in the history of the automotive industry.

Go together with your children to the Jump Space Riga trampoline park and experience truly childish delight in jumping high in the air. It offers countless trampolines, foam pits, a climbing wall and more.


The architecture in the art style is one of the reasons why Riga claims its fame. And the trip to Riga will not be complete if you do not visit at least some of them.

One of the best places to combine a magnificent sunset with dinner is the Andrejsala district. In this industrial area there are several places with public catering. Kaspars Jansons dishes, who is a chef in Muusu Terase and of the best chefs in Riga, look as impressive as the sunset.

There is no building that the locals would be more proud of than the Latvian National Museum of Art. In this magnificent building, renovated and reopened in 2016, all the most significant works of Latvian art are kept. The permanent exhibition provides an opportunity to make a deep overview of Latvian art in the XIX and XX centuries.


A lot of casinos work in Riga, and those that work in the VIP niche are excellent for a respectable holiday. An evening spent in such place makes you feel surrounded by care and attention, says Darren Keane, Storm International managing director. Gambling can be a very fun and profitable past time which is enjoyed by millions around the world. While some people may enjoy gambling in the form of texas holdem online, there is something special about going to a casino, especially in a new city. Best Riga’s casinos guests receive an excellent service, the same as in Las Vegas and in the respected gambling houses in Europe. Games fans from all over Europe buy junket tours to Riga, precisely because they know that there is a great combination of price and quality.


In warm weather, while walking through the city cafes, bars and coffee shops, it seems that the city is managed by creative young people. Want to chat with the locals? In Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs every evening some events are held: concerts on the terrace, DJ shows in the “lounge”, movies in their own small cinema, lectures, seminars, etc. Visit the center’s Facebook page and see what happens at KKC, as the locals call it. Or just linger here to enjoy a beer, sitting under the lights on the backyard terrace.

One of the newest attractive places in Riga is Villa C. C. von Stritzky. The mansion of the former brewer is undergoing its revival as a platform for great events. Come here and enjoy a concert in the backyard or an open-air cinema.

Zoe Kickhefer