Magnificent Georgia – Daily Mail advises spending the weekend “on the edge of Europe

The popular British Tabloid Daily Mail recommends its readers to visit Georgia. The publication notes that this destination is becoming increasingly popular for a weekend trip. The Daily Mail believes that Georgia will be an ideal place to spend a short vacation, since this country remains a not-so-well-known route so far, but has its own unique culture, language and alphabet.

The name Tbilisi comes from the word “warm”, which refers to the hot springs that support the city’s sulfur baths. Due to its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, for centuries the city has survived the invasions of the Mongols, Khazars, Turks and Arabs. But now peace reigns here and Tbilisi has become an affordable and interesting city for a weekend trip. By the way, fans of the game can book a junket tour to Tbilisi for the same period, and this will allow you to combine a gaming vacation and an acquaintance with a charming city.

Take a walk

Go to the Old Tbilisi – the area through which the Kura River flows. On local streets you will find fruit stalls, lively cafes and liquor stores that offer free tastings.

Especially interesting for travelers is the architecture of Old Tbilisi. Byzantine churches stand shoulder to shoulder with collapsing mansions, the Art Nouveau style is adjacent to neoclassical buildings, all this is diluted with gray, Soviet-era apartment buildings.

For nature lovers

Daily Mail advises outdoor enthusiasts to go to the National Botanical Garden, which is located in the gorge of the Tsavkisistskali River, on the outskirts of the Old Town. This summer, a zip-line began to work there – an attraction with a length of 270 meters and a height of 30 meters will allow you to see the Botanical Garden from a bird’s eye view.

Cultural activities

The Simon Janashi Museum of Georgia, located on Shota Rustaveli Avenue, houses a vibrant collection of medieval icons and decorations. The Tbilisi Silk Museum is considered one of the oldest in the world and boasts an exceptional collection, while the Tbilisi History Museum, located in the restored caravanserai, talks about the city as a trading outpost of the Silk Road.

Steam like a local

Head to one of the five sulfur baths in Abanotubani, any traveler can easily find the famous quarter. The reference point will be the smell of sulfur and the fancy baths roofs. They say that baths help to cure diseases, and they were once used by Pushkin and Dumas.

Fly high

It is worth taking the cable car connecting the Rike Park with the medieval Narikala fortress, which offers stunning views of the city.

For shopping fans

Meidan Bazaar, located underground in the very center of the city, is suitable for buying local products. Here you can stock up on spices, jams, handmade souvenirs and, of course, wine.

Stop for lunch

The restaurant complex on Mount Mtatsminda offers “classic Georgian dishes with a twist.” Take a table by the window and enjoy the views. Also pleasant is the quiet Book Corner Cafe on Ivan Tarkhnishvili Street, which offers first-class service and delicious cheese pies, which are the basis of local cuisine.

Evening out

In the evening, it is recommended to go for a dinner to the Tsiskvili restaurant, which is located on Beliashvili Street in the Digomi area. “Tsiskvili” stands out for its unusual design, and the guests of the restaurant are served by waiters in bow ties, tuxedos and white gloves.

The list of special dishes includes sturgeon cooked on charcoal, meat served in clay pots with pickles and corn tortillas, as well as ice cream with chocolate chips. Dinner is complemented by performances by Georgian musicians and traditional dance groups.

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Zoe Kickhefer