Playground equipment offers numerous advantages in terms of helping with children’s development. Creative play comes naturally to children, and playground equipment is a great way to encourage this type of play.

Studies have also shown that creative play can help to develop memory function, and help to ease feelings like anxiety and frustration in children. Through these various mental developments, children also gain increased self-confidence and self-esteem as they learn to interact in different ways with creative playground equipment.

We’ve highlighted some of the benefits of playground equipment below, and looked at why playground equipment can benefit children as they develop and grow.

Physical health benefits

As well as burning off excess energy, activities that include physical movement help children to develop their various motor skills, with creative playground equipment allowing kids to move in different ways and develop their physical abilities. Something as simple as an Outdoor Trampoline can not only provide hours of fun, but also help children develop much-needed motor skills, allowing them to explore different movements and get the body active.

Outdoor play also encourages a healthy lifestyle and can make exercise fun. Making sure kids experience plenty of physical activity not only helps them to stay fit and healthy when they are young, but it can help this mentality carry through into adult life too.

Mental development

In addition to offering evident physical benefits, outdoor play can help to improve mental development in children of all ages.

When children are in an environment away from home or the classroom, they are able to unlock their imagination and creativity in a different way. Outdoor play equipment offers a space for make believe, creativity and role play, which in turns helps them learn to express themselves and find passion in what they do. Outdoor play sets like this Rainbow Playground Equipment offer a variety of games for children such as trapezes, rope combos, grab-n-go bars, and much more, which introduces kids to newer motor movements and helps enhances cognitive skills.

Being outside and playing with different equipment can also help them communicate with other children and build social skills. When playing children need to interact with, share, help, and communicate with those around them, and these skills are vital for helping them build relationships in the future. It’s also a great way for children to mix with kids of differing abilities, helping them learn tolerance, understanding and empathy.

Sensory Development

Research projects have suggested that children, and young children in particular, enjoy sensory experiences including touch, sight, hearing, and smell.

By having a play area which incorporates different materials, equipment, and areas children can start to develop their senses in new environments which helps them to build different connections within their brain.

Playground equipment is an extremely effective way of encouraging physical, mental, and emotional development. Playground equipment should offer a variety which can excite and inspire children as they grow.

Zoe Kickhefer