” Can I get a high price if I sell my home for cash?”

According to the New York resale housing market data, homeowners or sellers have gotten an average of 102% of their original list price at a sale. This accounts for a year-over-year improvement of around 3.1%.

We are going to show you how to sell your home for a high price. There are many ways on how you can put a competitive price on your house, but these are only a few:

Fresh Paint and New Carpeting

These would be major updates that will have an impact on the sales of your house. If this is within budget, then go ahead and do it even if the property has been recently painted or refurbished just before moving in.

A fresh coat of paint cannot be denied as something that makes houses sell faster. Many real estate agents consider this one of the best ways to sell your house for top dollar in no time. It sells by itself!

The Yard Work

“Does the state of the backyard have any effect when I sell my house fast?”

Your backyard is an extension of your home. To make it into a showplace, then you will need to do some mowing, trimming, and edging plus landscape pruning. These are also among the things that can help your house sell faster at top dollar.

The Kitchen

This room of any house plays an important role in making or breaking a deal on how to sell a house fast. If you have appliances that are not outdated yet but need replacement, this would be ideal if these are included in the sale package.

Carpet Condition

Have carpets cleaned before showing the property. It is recommended that carpeting should be replaced every five years because wear and tear starts setting in after this time frame. If you can afford to replace these, then do it.

The Bathroom

Although this room of the house receives little attention compared with the kitchen, it matters in how to get top dollar for my home. Just like the kitchen area, if your toiletries are not old but need replacement, do so. You will be surprised at how buyers would rather choose a crisp and fresh-looking bathroom over an outdated one.


Do not forget about your front yard which is usually seen by interested buyers as they come inside your property. Make sure that this part of the house also looks good and makes a great impression on them. This way, you can sell your home fast without added hassle and expense because not only you will be selling your home but they will also want to buy the lot as well.

The Basement

” If I sell my house fast for cash, do I also need to fix the basement?”

This is a room of the house where buyers rarely go. If this part of your property is in good condition, then make sure that it looks nice and clean before a prospective buyer comes for a visit. This way, if they see something interesting downstairs, there is a big chance that you will sell your house.

Carpet Care

Here’s another thing about carpets that matter when selling my home for cash — keep them clean! Cleaning carpets regularly would not only make the rooms look refreshingly fresh but these can likewise extend their life span by up to 2 years. You could sell your house with clean carpets.

The Bedroom

This is the most important room of a house, and if you can make it offer a comfy feel to buyers for a good night’s sleep, they will not only look at it as a potential place where they can live comfortably but also as an investment that would bring them returns over time.

So do some spring cleaning in your bedroom. Make it as neat as possible including removing all beddings from underneath the bed and storing these inappropriate places such as closets or cupboards.

Also wipe off those dusty surfaces, especially those high up! Vacuuming or otherwise cleaning the ceiling fan is ideal because getting this done now prevents dust from settling later on when buyers start moving in.

Front Yard

First impressions last, so make sure that your lawn looks neat and clean. To sell the house for cash, you should cut the grass at least once a week while applying an appropriate fertilizer according to the season.

Pests posing as termites may cause problems when buyers check out your property, but if not properly treated, they will also affect the value of the home since it might take time before another buyer decides to buy it based on its condition. So get rid of termite infestation quickly!

The Front Door

This is usually what buyers see first before entering into your property plus this plays part in determining how fast houses sell. It should look good! Keep it well-polished so that it will reflect the natural light coming from outside and let buyers know that your home is in good condition. Side note, window restoration may increase the value of your home, so it’s also worth looking into that.

The Heating System

Make sure this operates efficiently to produce warm and cozy temperatures inside the house during cold seasons. If you sell your home, no one would want to live in a place where they’ll feel cold while indoors so make sure that the heating system works well at all times to produce optimal temperature levels within your property.

The Garage

This is also an area of a house that rarely gets attention but matters when selling homes for cash. It should be arranged neatly because if buyers see lots of stuff stored here, then they may think that there are more things hidden inside which could devalue their purchase. So, sell your house by organizing everything that’s in here.

The Foundation

One of the primary advantages of selling your house for cash is being able to buy another property that has a better foundation compared to yours. However, if you sell your home fast, remember not to have it inspected so early because this may spoil all your chances of getting a good price! Inspections are best done when buyers want to close the deal.


When it comes to roofing, make sure that any previous damage is repaired before showing your property to prospective buyers, or else they will surely think twice about buying it in its current condition. You can get in touch with service providers who tend to specialize in Metal roof repair services and other related services. You might have to spend a little amount of money to get all the repairs done. But, only by taking such efforts can you sell your house to the right client. State-of-the-art roofing can resist strong winds and heavy rains, so have this upgraded to help you sell your house for cash.

Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to selling houses for cash, the more light that shines the property inside out, the better. This is particularly significant when buyers wish to check out your house during nighttime.

Make sure that all lighting fixtures are in good working condition and offer sufficient illumination throughout your rooms. When doing this, do not forget about outdoor lights which should be well-maintained as well, or else they may cause security problems later on after closing the deal with potential buyers. So, sell your home by investing in high-quality lighting fixtures.


If you want to sell your home quickly, then make sure that the plumbing system of your property is fully functional. Replacing those leaky faucets and faulty pipes by a plumber in Altadena or by a similar plumbing professional in your vicinity could be wise. Doing this can save you lots of money in the future because it can quickly lead to damaging costs if you wait until another buyer decides to purchase your house.

The Roof

If you want to sell your home, then make sure that this part of the structure looks solid and presentable. Potential buyers might resist purchasing a home with a damaged or old-style roof so have it inspected first before putting your house on sale for cash.

Last but Not Least, Focus on the Exteriors Too

The windows play a huge role when buying homes for cash. Bright areas within the rooms indicate that there is more space inside, making the house appear larger from outside which affects its value. So, if you wish to sell your home, then make sure that your windows are well-maintained.

Your entranceway is the first thing cash home buyerswill see when entering your property so always keep it clean and free of debris at all times. If there’s a garden, it should also be kept well-maintained to impress possible buyers during nighttime visits.

Zoe Kickhefer