Do you want to throw a party that people will remember and talk about for a really long time? You should have a plan in mind to ensure that the turn up is quite good for the party not to suck. Apart from that, you should have activities that will engage everyone to prevent some people from feeling left out. Below are some tips on how to throw an amazing party.

Theme/Dress code

One of the biggest worries I have before I attend an event is what I’m going to wear. If you want to save your guests the trouble of this, just let them know the dress code! Some people think they’re being pushy by expecting people to adhere to a dress code, but really, it’s just a friendly heads up. It will stop your guests from feeling over dressed or under dressed. If you’d like to add a little extra fun, why not have a theme? Planning a theme is a great way to ensure that your guests will have a fun time and will have a better idea of what to expect.


The format of your invitation determines how many people will be convinced to come to the party. It should be very captivating and direct to attract as many people as possible. Ensure that the details of the party are very comprehensible which includes: the exact place where the party will be held, and the time it will start. Make sure that you invite the people you trust only for security purposes.


Some people are extremely shy and prefer to dance with the lights turned off, but you also need the light to see what is going on in order to avoid accidents. Colored bulbs or neon signs could be a cool inspiration for them to get on the floor and dance freely. They are the perfect solution because they provide just enough light. Make sure that you create or choose a space that will act as a dancing floor to prevent people from going into the garden or just standing because the party will end up being boring. This is extra important if you’re planning a special occasion like a wedding party reception!


Have a budget for the food and drinks that you will serve at the party. Most preferably, plan it after confirming the approximate number of people who will be attending the party to ensure that they are not inadequate or too many that they go to waste. Having said that, if you’re thinking of making some cocktails for the party, check various online sites to find some lip-smacking cocktail recipes (you may check Orangina recipes for reference). You could also include some snacks as they are very convenient since they don’t need any time to prepare; you serve them as they are.


Create a playlist in advance and invest in high-quality speakers that the music is perfect. However, there should be only one person who has access to the source of music to prevent people from changing the songs every now and then.


Including games in a party makes it interesting. It a way of bringing people together and ensuring that you engage them in the activities that you have in mind. The games should be realistic and common to make it easier for everyone to cooperate.


Even though it is not very easy to get drunken people to cooperate, securing bins around the area will save you a great deal when cleaning the next day. Inform them that they should discard the bottles, cans and the plastic cup in the bins to prevent loitering the place.


You should inform your neighbors that you are planning to host a party in advance to ensure that you maintain a healthy relationship that is based on respect. This will also save you the trouble of having to turn down the music or having to end the party. Ensure that your parents are also aware of the party to avoid trouble or inconveniencing them.

Zoe Kickhefer