Why fashion brands are increasing their adoption of canvas bags

The modern world of fast fashion is causing some serious impacts on the environment. The rate at which goods are thrown away can exponentially increase the old clothes that end up at the landfill at the end of their wearable brands.

In light of the new environmentally concerns, many fashion brands have started to incorporate ethical practices and more sustainable materials in the production of their clothing and accessories. However, that is not just it! Fashion brands of this nature are also known for opting for sustainable and Ethical certification to demonstrate their commitment to ethical and eco-friendly practices to their customers. From Nike to neighbourhood retailers, all seem to strive to be ethical and sustainable brands.

Even brands that sell bags, handbags or totes, or backpacks, seem to be embracing these trends to their solidarity with the idea of saving nature, which might be why they are actively participating in making canvas bags! But since this trend of canvas bags seems to be blowing out of proportion, one needs to ask this question: How good can these bags be? Well, to get the answer, read through the article.

Canvas bags have a quality feel that can increase customer retention

One of the key things that clothing companies have to keep in mind is that their products have to have a relatively high-quality feel. Customers are not going to show much return business if they buy products that deteriorate over a relatively short period of time. Adopting canvas bags into your clothing store means you can give your customers long-lasting products that will be great for printing quality branding and designs on.

Fashion brands can easily print their designs onto canvas bags

Getting the design right on a canvas bag is crucial for brands looking to market them to customers as part of their wider product offering. The great thing about canvas is that the tight thread count means a variety of high-quality designs can be printed onto it. The different styles also mean it’s easy for brands to get creative with their designs and really make the different patterns stand out on different bags.

Canvas bags are durable and washable, perfect for long term use

Creating clothing products that are long-lasting is essential as fashion companies move away from ‘throw-away’ items that are not built to last longer than the current sales season. This is where canvas bags can come into their own. They are durable and can be washed after a lot of dirt builds up on the exterior.

This durability is being harnessed by many clothing companies including Primark and New look who are offering accessories with their branding on that customers can get long term enjoyment out of.

Canvas bags have a strong positive environmental image

Having a good strategy for how your business is helping the environment, and marketing it effectively is part of the challenge Fashion companies are going to have to face to stay competitive in the modern landscape. The new demand is being met by a lot of high-quality new suppliers, and for businesses, finding the right canvas bag provider will be key when it comes to getting the best product for customers.

Zoe Kickhefer