Whilst the summer may be over many will be looking at 2022 and wondering what they can do to make the most of those long summer days when the warm weather comes around again. Over 2021 and 2020 there was a surge in demand for paddle boards with many people looking to invest in their own boards so they always have a good go go option if they want to get out on the water.

Whilst paddle boarding is great for many, others are looking at inflatable kayaks as a better way of staying secure and comfortable on the waters. With all that considered, this week we are going explore your options when it comes to kayaks and paddle boards and which one you should go for when making your final decision.

Inflatable kayaks are great exercise!

Whilst paddle boards provide a fantastic full body workout inflatable kayaks are also good for hard but relatively low intensity exercise. Depending on what waters you are on you can take it at your own pace and if you are looking to get out and about more in the summer inflatable kayaks could be the perfect option.

They are also very versatile when it comes to location. Inflatable kayaks are very portable when compared to other ‘boats’ and as such are very popular among hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. Make sure when you are deflating your inflatable kayak that you do not run the risk of a puncture as this could put you in choppy waters further down the road!

If you are looking to strengthen your upper body then inflatable kayaks are a great option. They give you the chance to work through and practice rowing motions which will help out a great deal when it comes to pulling heavy weights. A day out in an inflatable kayak will also provide great cardiovascular benefits which are not to be sniffed at!

You can get 2 person kayaks

Paddle boards are great fun however most guidelines recommend against 2 person paddle boards, this is where the inflatable kayak comes into its own. You can find many 2 person kayaks which will help you have fun with the whole family if you are a group of 4 and want to save on the cost of hiring or purchasing 4 separate paddle boards.

2 person kayaks are also great if you are looking for a way to get out and about with your date without breaking the bank. There are plenty of tranquil and beautiful waterways and lakes around the UK and beyond which are perfect for a kayaking adventure for 2!

Whichever option you choose, always make sure you go with a strong brand to ensure you get the best possible value for money. Inflatable kayaks and paddle boards are not cheap so you should invest in a good quality one to avoid having to pay for repairs and replacements in the future.

Zoe Kickhefer