Whilst cotton bags are strong and ethically sound products, they require the right long term application to make them a truly environmentally beneficial choice. Current research suggests that a cotton bag has to be reused up to 131 times to mitigate the impact on the environment. Keep reading to discover some of the innovative ways that you can find more uses out of your old cotton bags

  1. Use them as a way of storing dirty shoes

We’ve all been there, you’ve just come in from a muddy walk and you don’t want to spread dirt all-round the house. This is where an old cotton bag comes in. Hanging it on a door or coat hanger near the door makes it a convenient place to store dirty shoes before you have a chance to clean them. Additionally, as cotton bags are easy to clean if mud builds up over time you will have no trouble keeping them in good condition for long term reuse.

  • Use them as a ‘hand dryer’ in the kitchen

If you find yourself at trade fairs or other events you may find yourself inundated with a lot of new cotton bags. Whilst these can be used in a weekly shop, if they are clean they can make very good kitchen hand dryers. The handle means they can be conveniently hung next to the sink. The high absorption level means they last a long time and only have to be cleaned and dried occasionally. 

  • Clean cotton bags can be used in cooking!

Another kitchen based use for clean cotton bags is in cooking. If you are using ingredients that require excess moisture to be removed like cucumbers and tofu, wrapping them in a think clean cotton bag and lightly squeezing is a great way to get excess water out. It is a better option than a kitchen towel which may leave tissue on the ingredient.

  • Keep workout gear in old cotton bags

Another good use for cotton bags is clothing storage. If you do not want to mix your used workout gear in with the rest of your wardrobe, why not store it in an old cotton bag. This will keep it separate until it can be cleaned.

Buy strong cotton bags to make sure they stand the test of time

If you are planning on investing in some cotton bags, either for you or your business, make sure you get ones that have a high thread count with strong stitching throughout. This will increase their usable life and help you get the most value for money.

Zoe Kickhefer