Tony Allen Auto Services: Signs to take your car to an auto repair shop

For many of us, we simply are walking in uncharted territory when it comes to car diagnostics. We all, however, have a natural instinct when things seem quite not right. These can come in the form of warning signals. But what are the key signs you really need to take your car to the auto repair shop or mechanics as soon as possible? Here, we will look into the tell tale signs. 

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Dashboard signs

Fortunately, cars often will give you warnings when you need to either make changes or check parts. This only refers to the main parts that need to be frequently maintained. While it helps to bear in mind you should not just rely on this warning system, it should be something you keep a lookout for whenever you drive your car. The symbols will light up for imminent issues, such as checking your engine, cooler fluid, brake system or low windscreen washer liquid. Simply research what each signal means, and if you do forget what certain ones refer to, when you notice one lights up, give it a quick Google. 

Brakes suddenly acting different

Each vehicle requires a different amount of pressure in order to slow down or come to a halt. You will come to learn your own car so when it does start to require more pressure or takes longer for your vehicle to stop, there is certainly an error on a deeper level. Errors with brakes are one of the most dangerous faults you can have, and therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Take your car straight to your local mechanics for a check-up. Before taking to a mechanic, you may want to do a bit of research. These days mechanics tend to loot customers of their money even though the service does not cost that much. So, take your vehicle only to reputable ones in your vicinity. Most auto shops might make use of software solutions (like the ones provided by Xtime, for instance) that can give you real-time data and accurate cost estimation. Having access to such information can make your decision process better.

Coming back to the repairs, it simply is not worth the risk of being unable to brake fast enough when you need to. A brake specialists service entails the mandatory checks required to ensure your vehicle is safe on the roads.

When brake pads wear down, they will start to make a squeaking or grinding noise. They should be replaced before they wear down to 1.5mm. This is a minimum cost but is crucial for the safe running of your vehicle.

Unusual noises

This is typically a clear sign of parts coming into contact with another and causing friction. You will need to go to your mechanics so they can determine which parts need to be replaced in order to prevent the noises from occurring but more importantly, to enable parts to work correctly. The parts will either be worn down or faulty. Prolonging the length of time you hear the sounds as an attempt to save money will actually have counteractive results as ignoring will simply cause irreparable damage.

Vehicle vibrating 

Vibration is an additional sign of vehicle parts being so worn that they need replacing. Alternatively, it could be a clutch plate oil leak or engine issue. Whatever your specific reason, you will need to go to your mechanics or auto repair shop to amend the issue. If you undergo a yearly service, otherwise known as a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) service, this should avoid these issues before they get to the vibration stage. However, like with anything, it can happen in between your services.

One of the areas you may want to address is personalising your vehicle. Adding laser cut number plates to your car could increase its overall look. While new number plates won’t make your vehicle run better, they will enhance the overall aesthetic.

Zoe Kickhefer